DVD Nieulotne

DVD Nieulotne
DVD Nieulotne
Run time: 95 min
Rating: 5.4
Genres: Drama | Romance
Director: Jacek Borcuch
Writers: Jacek Borcuch
Stars: Jakub Gierszal, Magdalena Berus, Ángela Molina
LASTING is an emotional love story about Michal and Karina, a pair of Polish students who meet and fall in love with each other while working summer jobs in Spain. An unexpected nightmare brutally breaks into their carefree time in the heavenly landscape and throws their lives into chaos. Written by Anonymous
Plot Keywords: spain, male nudity, male frontal nudity, male rear nudity, diving
Country: Poland, Spain
Release Date: 8 February 2013 (Poland)

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  1. Lasting is about two Polish students who are on a working holiday in Spain. When the boy kills a man who is bullying him the pair return to Poland and have to deal with the emotional fallout of the killing. The film certainly challenges the viewer: at one stage it's easy to laugh at the murder scene, even though a man is being killed; and the big question, of course, is should one root for the fit, attractive boy even though he has committed the murder (or, at best, manslaughter) of a homely, out-of-shape man? The film is full of long silences, and the two major plot threads – will the boy's crime be discovered, and will the lovers' relationship survive – are left dangling at the end, but I'd watch it again.

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