DVD Nino

DVD Nino
DVD Nino

Run time: 72 min
Rating: 6.1
Genres: Romance
Director: Thomas Bardinet
Writers: Thomas Bardinet
Stars: David Prat, Sarah Coulaud, Lou de Laâge
Country: France
Release Date: 25 April 2012 (France)

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  1. "Nino, une adolescence imaginaire de Nino Ferrer" ("Nino Ferrer's imaginary teenage hood") is an "anti-biopic". Rather than romancing the life and death of the popular french-Italian singer Nino Ferrer (1934- 1998), French director and writer Thomas Bardinet let his imagination go free and chose to build a story upon his own feelings and understanding of 3 not-well-known songs ("Nathalie", "Natacha" et "L'Arbre noir", all included in the soundtrack).

    Nothing is true but everything is accurate: the young actors in this beautiful teenage story are all stunning with beauty in this very "eric rohmerish" picture, authorized by Nino Ferrer's widow and children. This independent long-feature has a very "nouvelle vague" touch, was shot with a very minimal crew. It got excellent reviews from the greatest French critics.

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