DVD No Breathing

DVD No Breathing
DVD No Breathing
Run time: 118 min
Rating: 6.2
Genres: Romance | Sport
Director: Yong-sun Jo
Writers: Yeong-ah Yoo
Stars: In Guk Seo, Yuri, Cheol-min Park
A gifted swimmer rediscovers his talent by entering a competition against his long-time rival.
Country: South Korea
Release Date: 30 October 2013 (South Korea)


  1. I rank this movie 9 because I so love it ^_^ . Some may found this boring or etc. but the more you watch it the more you'll love it. I love won-IL his acting is superb (i really wonder how on earth he did not receive any award?) and you can really feel it, he is such an interesting fella you will surely love him. As for woo-sang i love his acting but not as great as that of won-IL (it must be his role or something but i feel he's actions are limited since he must remain with this cool-guy attitude). Jungeun , this girl makes me really interested on the movie in the first place, Kwon Yuri is my bias and I'm looking forward on how will Jungeun develop in the movie. Her acting is great for a new actress she had done well (congrats Yul for winning the award :). And Jungeun had made me enjoy the movie more but i really hope she will be a swimmer! as what i thought when i heard she will join the cast the thing that pops first in my mind is because she can swim well. How come this is not a drama? I would love to see this in a drama so that i will know Jungeun more , and also the lives of the main leads. You will really enjoy this movie its worth downloading 😀

  2. It was alright, something I don't totally regret watching. It is worth watching if you have 2 hours to kill and absolutely nothing else to watch. As with many other Korean dramas and movies,the humor was very forced (e.g. the 2 "funny guys" dancing behind). In my opinion, the main lead was the saving grace of the movie. He played his role well enough, with his air headed laughter making him quite a likable character. I really question the casting of Yuri as the love interest of the two leads though. She can be very attractive, but not with the styling done for her character in this show. While that was necessary since Jung Eun is supposed to be somewhat of a tomboy, the clothes and lack of make up made her look very plain. Of course, her acting is very stiff as well. Her laughter was very cringeworthy. People who listen to Kpop will also know that her singing is not the best. It sounds like her voice was artificially enhanced to a higher pitch, or she was told to sing that way. Either way, the songs in the show were not catchy, the singing wasn't good, and it was cheesy as hell when she would suddenly break into song.

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