DVD Odjuret

DVD Odjuret
DVD Odjuret

Run time: 90 min
Rating: 4.8
Genres: Drama | Thriller
Director: Martin Jern, Emil Larsson
Writers: Martin Jern, Emil Larsson
Stars: Rolf Jarl, Sofie Karlsson, Michael Petersson
Plot Keywords: white trash, violence, sex, religious, prostitution
Country: Sweden
Release Date: 11 March 2011 (Sweden)
Box Office
Budget: SEK 6,051,000 (estimated)


  1. I'll grant you that I am not a Foreign Film Critic, but I do watch a lot of Foreign made films, subbed, dubbed, and English. This was not a very good film in my opinion. Swedish films are typically the most difficult to digest, but this one was beyond my enjoyment.

    I found it interesting that the opening scene and the final scene are the same, because I felt that it acknowledged that the film went nowhere.

    Sadly for as much screen time as the main characters had, there was little or no development. Within the first few moments of each characters screen appearance you will know as much about them as you will by the end of the film. There is some change in the intensity of the main character, but the whole of his personality is laid out before you in those first few minutes.

    As for "resolution". Forget about it. It IS possible to have closure in a film without it being formulaic. In fact that takes a more thoughtful script writing than just leaving the audience hanging at the end.

    I can not recommend this film.

  2. I saw that someone made a good review for this movie and mentioned that a friend he had was in it? I can guarantee you that is the only reason why he gave this movie a 10.

    I sort of enjoyed this movie and the point that it wanted to make up until the ending. The ending is beyond retarded and makes no sense whatsoever. There is no build-up for the character going insane and killing two girls just because he is angry. It's just weird. He did have anger issues throughout the movie but he didn't at all seem capable of that, and to have it end that way was just a really stupid idea. It made the entire movie feel pointless and is a complete cop-out for a finish.

    What's the point with this movie? OK, he is angry, I get that. But why kill two girls that he is friends with? Is he psychotic? If that's why he did it, then why didn't the filmmakers make any effort into portraying him that way? And what's the point in him being psychotic?

    All in all, the ending doesn't really say anything. It's just a "bad scenario", there doesn't seem to be any morale to it.

    Other then that, I liked the characters that are in this movie and I appreciated the effort. Unfortunately, it failed brutally because of the last 5 minutes. I guess the directors should work more on putting some thought into their future works.

  3. It seems like the story writers sat down and said: Let's make a film about the country side dystopia of Sweden. Well, they did. They filled it with all the most obvious clichés.

    The daughter of a religious family. The violent son of a violent man with a bad reputation. Racism, poverty, alcoholism and all the normal stuff.

    Fine, that can make a good story IF it's directed in a good way and if the actors are least some steps out of class 1 for actors. The acting is absolutely awful and that becomes very obvious when you have Swedish as your mother language. The directing is as blunt and bleak as directing can ever be and basically anyone with a tiny little bit of skill could've made miracles compared to the result Dansk Skalle brought forward.

    If a little bit of time and imagination had been used to give the characters some depth the story had been given another dimension, but it's a total void in that sector. What you is what you get and it's all extremely shallow. In a movie of this length there's plenty of time for giving the characters some sort of an identity and profile, but I can't see any serious attempts for doing so.

    The story itself is badly structured and the end totally illogical and pointless. Frustration of being a looser without a future, sure, but killing your friends without reason is a completely different thing.

    I was completely flabbergasted when I saw this film was nominated for an award, and almost equally so when I found out the movie almost got a 5 star rating here on IMDb. 5 is way too high as there's absolutely no quality in this movie. In any way.

  4. If you are patient, this movie will knock you out. It is like a good brandy or a glass of wine: it will affect you slowly. This film will possess you with its atmosphere and mood. If you let it.

    I think Odjuret catches the problem of our time and of the late 20th / early 21st century. The chaotic world which you cannot control. The country which is beautiful on the one hand, but consumes you and keep you from human relationships and possibilities on the other hand. These youths are without goals or imaginations about the future. For them there is no future, it is certain from the beginning to the very end.

    And this movies is great because it catches not a particular problem of a country (by the way: who would think that Sweden is so unbearable?), but a universal one which concerns every young people nowadays from Sweden through my homeland to Japan.

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