DVD Oru Kal Oru Kannadi

DVD Oru Kal Oru Kannadi
DVD Oru Kal Oru Kannadi

Run time: 166 min
Rating: 6.1
Genres: Comedy | Romance
Director: M. Rajesh
Writers: M. Rajesh
Stars: Udhayanidhi Stalin, Hansika Motwani, Santhanam
The movie starts with a flashback where Saravanan (Uday) and Parthasarathy (Santhanam) work at a popular multiplex and are close buddies. Saravanan’s mother (Saranya) is innocent and strives hard for over twenty years to get his graduation, since it is her husband’s (Azhagam Perumal) dream desire. One day, Saravanan sees Meera (Hansika) at a traffic signal and it is love at first sight for him. He desperately runs behind her to win over her heart. He even takes the help of his friend Partha. But all their plans fail. As it happens, it is a cat and mouse game between the two. But things take a turn and Meera’s wedding gets fixed with an industrialist’s son. Written by Captain
Country: India
Release Date: 13 April 2012 (India)


  1. Let me start of by saying that I liked the director's first two movies. They were fresh, innovative and fun. But sadly his third movie is nothing but a recycled version of his first two. They were some extremely funny scenes thanks to Santhanam but at the same time many of the jokes fell flat. The story is about a middle class boy who goes after a kushboo look alike(he even tells her that to which most girls would throw whatever they had in their hands at you but not our heroine, she takes it as a compliment).she also happens to be the assistant commissioner's daughter. After a couple of scenes and a song our heroine quickly falls for our hero and then they break up and then patch up and then break up and then well I lost count. The reason for their love hate relationship is Santhanam. I guess that's why they named it one stone (Santhanam) one mirror (the hero & heroine). There is also a needless side track about the boy's parents which prompted many people to go out for a smoke. The acting was average at best. The heroine laughed when she was supposed to be crying and cried when she was supposed to be laughing. The hero (also the producer) was completely over shadowed by the real lead in the movie santhanam. If you go along with your friends to watch this film you will have plenty of lol moments but be sure to lower your expectations.

  2. As we are aware in most Tamil movies, the heroine is the anchor. Thus, since Udhayanidhi Stalin payed such a weak role, the movie did not reach the the of expectation that was set especially with the trailer and the songs. Also the actor does not have the caliber or the attraction.

    The main actress Hansika Motwani is not really my favorite as her actions do not coordinate with her dialog. But in this movie even she seemed to have done better than the main actor. He should stick to production.

    The only plus point was Charanya and Santhanam's acting. They kept the movie going although most parts were very predictable and draggy. I don't see how this movie was seen to a super hit!

  3. Unlike his two previous movies "Siva Manasula Sakthi" (SMS) & "Boss engira Baskaran" (BES), M.Rajesh's latest flick "Oru Kal Oru Kannadi" (OKOK) lacks a gripping screenplay. SMS had Jeeva & BEB had Arya who did their parts hilariously as well as Shanthanam but here the lead actor in Udayanithi Stalin is too weak to carry a movie on his shoulder. As a result even though Shanthanam manages his level best in keeping the ship from sinking, the ride is not as enjoyable as the two previous ones from the same director.

    Except for the scenes in which Shanthanam cracks his , what has now become his forte , typical one-liners which reels of sarcasm & humor , rest of the movie is arduous to sit through. Wonder when these directors move on from stories which depict the youngsters' lives as being focused on one point mission of chasing & getting a good looking girl. To see the same thing getting repeated for around 3 hours time does tests one's patience.

    There are many instances of Rajesh brand of humor rearing its head above the overall patchiness. The first time flight & the English to Tamil translation scenes are two scenes in particular which are damn hilarious & worthy of mention.

    Udhayanithi has a very poor screen presence & his acting is amateurish. He comes throughout the movie with a single expression & monotonous voice. Hanshika gives a stiff competition to Udhay in the pursuit of mediocrity.

    Shanthanam is the only reason why the movie is tolerable to an extent. Whenever one gets annoyed with the happenings , he comes out with his hilarious ones , cheering up the sagging morale of the viewer. He has tried lots of funny changes in his modulations & dialog delivery which have worked wonders. That English to Tamil translation scene in the climax is a testimony to that factu..!

    The cameos by Arya, Sneha & Andrea falls flat. Saranya , AlagamPerumal & Sayaji Shinde does what they usually do .

    Balasubramanyam's cinematography is Good. Harris Jeyaraj's Background score is tacky while""Kadhal Oru Butterfly," "Akila Aklia"and "Venaam Machan " are good songs in his music.

    On the whole, "OKOK" is a pretty average movie with boring story , dragging screenplay & terrible acting which just about manages to stay afloat all because of that one man, Shanthanam.

    Bottomline : One man show

  4. This could well be a classic case of execution gone wrong! The lead actors leave a lot to be desired, the hero relies on physical gestures to emote, leaving the facial expressions pretty monotonous throughout, Hansika fails miserably on all fronts – all she does is to clobber around the city in trains and buses – doing, god knows what! The jokes fall flat and with sub-standard acting feel dry beyond repair. The parents of the lead pair are on a trip of their own -hamming/overacting all the way through to the end.

    The only relief comes in the form of Santhanam, who brings some life on the screen with the high-point being some guest performances by known faces. The music too is just about average.

    The intentions of the makers is worth appreciating – making a clean, family entertainer sans violence and screaming we generally are used to in flicks. However, mediocre execution, poor acting by the lead pair, predictable comedy and a lot of over-action from the cast makes you feel cheated.

    Watch it if you have nothing productive to do!

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