DVD Otchuzhdenie

DVD Otchuzhdenie
DVD Otchuzhdenie
Run time: 75 min
Rating: 5.8
Genres: Drama
Director: Milko Lazarov
Writers: Milko Lazarov, Georgi Tenev
Stars: Christos Stergioglou, Mariana Zhikich, Ovanes Torosian
A man (Christos Stergioglou) driving an old-fashioned car is crossing the border. He is Greek and past his fifties. He is coming to Bulgaria to buy a child. The price is ten thousand Eur. To smuggle the child Jorgos has prepared a secret compartment in the boot of the car masked as a gas tank. The baby hasn’t been born yet and the Greek needs to wait in a secluded house in the mountains together with the mother (Mariana Zhikich), her deaf-mute brother (Ovanes Torosyan) and the midwife. The birth starts during a stormy night. Written by Mario Tomchev
Plot Keywords: alienation
Country: Bulgaria
Release Date: 15 March 2013 (Bulgaria)

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