DVD Penthouse North

DVD Penthouse North
DVD Penthouse North
Run time: 90 min
Rating: 5.5
Genres: Drama | Mystery | Thriller
Director: Joseph Ruben
Writers: David Loughery
Stars: Michelle Monaghan, Michael Keaton, Barry Sloane
It’s New Year’s Eve in New York City and everyone’s getting ready to party. Watching, waiting, a man called Hollander has a different kind of party in mind. Alone in her high-rise apartment, Sara has no idea that her boyfriend was a thief. But what he stole – and from whom – is about to put her life on the line. Trapped in the penthouse with Hollander and his sadistic partner, these two will kill, maim, tear the place apart to find a fortune in diamonds. While the party rages outside, inside Sara fights desperately for her life. It’s kill or be killed in a pulse-pounding , non-stop fight to the finish – and it all takes place in Penthouse North. Written by Anonymous
Plot Keywords: criminal, hidden fortune, blind, new york city, photojournalist
Country: USA
Release Date: 4 January 2014 (USA)


  1. You might like this movie if you enjoyed: Columbus Circle (1996), Brake (2012)

    Long Story Short: Sarah (Michelle Monaghan), a former Military photojournalist, has lost her sight due to an incident in Afghanistan. She lives in a penthouse with her boyfriend Ryan (Andrew W. Walker) and feels safe there even though her sister (Kaniehtiio Horn) and brother-in law (Trevor Hayes) constantly tell her that they don't trust Ryan. It turns out that Ryan does have a secret and, which gets Sarah in great danger.

    Review: I have never heard of that movie before but I thought I give it a shot, and it was not a bog let down, but I wasn't blown away either. The beginning is very strong and has a few "Edge- of- your- seat" – moments, but it doesn't keep this pace up, especially since there aren't any twists besides one tiny one at the beginning. I am not sure how her past of being a photojournalist in Afghanistan helped developing the story either, as far as I am concerned they didn't even have to mention why she was blind. All these flashbacks from her past seemed like fillers to me. The acting was decent, I saw a few nice skyscraper shots, but I was hoping for a big reveal at the end which didn't happen. Penthouse House is definitely a one- time watch but not a bad one.

    Rating: 5.5

  2. this is one of the worst film i've ever seen. there's no connection with the blindness of Sara. don't know where did the diamonds come. why those 2 guys really need them back. and still don't know who they are. i can say this movie is really cheap cost. a few of actors with only one scene the only scene i like is just about the cat, and when chad yell to hollander when he throw the cat away from the toproof. the writer should have more inspiration than this. i wonder that the director had watch his movie really? this movie makes me feel i'm a stupid to watch cuz there's nothing. nothing, really. it's not worth to spend your time with. i don't know what make they think they could take money from people while there's anything exchange.

  3. A blind reclusive war photographer is living in a penthouse in New York, when she is experiencing that someone has come into her apartment. Too late she senses that there's someone there.

    Well it doesn't take long before the action gets going, that's the good thing. Also the actors are doing an OK job. Nothing extraordinary, but OK job. Michael Keaton is always good in these kind of roles. Director Koseph Ruben is experienced, and has directed "Sleeping with the enemy", "The forgotten" and "The good son" amongst others. Quite good films. I don't like the war time flashbacks though. The cutter hasn't done a favorite job here.

    This is very mediocre filmmaking, and has troubles in engaging me, mainly due to the script. Strange, because David Loughery, the man behind, had done good scripts like "Lakeview Terrace" and "Passenger57".

    What's evident, is that blind people sense more than it's the case here. It's simply impossible to imagine a blind person being this motionless, and not even being able of smelling blood when it's out in ounces on the kitchen floor. And also another thing, when she takes out her white stick long after going out in the streets. And then a penthouse window which can be broken with throwing a chair!? Come on! This film would gave been much better if a blind had been involved in the script writing, do that stupid things could be avoided.

    If you want to watch a similar themed move, seek out "Blind" by Eskil Vogt instead, which is a completely profound experience compared to this. (Blind was a selected movie, and later prize winner at Sundance Film Festival in 2014.)

    The film is very predictable. So predictable it actually hurts. But if you don't mind, it's an OK watch. But if you don't wasn't to use time on mediocre films, you'll find much better!

  4. The main reason I rented PENTHOUSE NORTH was because of Michael Keaton. To me that man is an icon, and I have loved him ever since Beetlejuice and Batman. But in this film he and the rest of the cast struggles with a horrible and simple script.

    The premise of a blind woman getting her home invaded is pretty creepy. The major problem is the complete lack of story- and character development and thousands of plot holes.

    The acting is basic routine and feels like the actors know they are a part of a lousy film. The characters are shallow and worst of all, you never get to know why the bad guys are doing what they are doing.

    Besides a decent start, I got really frustrated watching this film. It feels like beneath the surface there are a suspenseful and scary thriller. But in the end it's unresolved and unsatisfying.

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