DVD Perfect Day

DVD Perfect Day
DVD Perfect Day

Run time: 80 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Drama
Director: Shane Magnier
Writers: Shane Magnier
Stars: Pat Kinevane, Patrick Bergin, Eamonn Owens
A film about a day in the life of Rick, an Irish forty-something who lives in Phuket, Thailand. He sets out to have what is for him the perfect day, a combination of hedonism and spirituality, traveling the island ‘Easy Rider’ style on a large chopper motorbike. However all is not as it seems with Rick. He is visited regularly by the ghost of his humorous dead father and haunted by memories of a girl called Clodagh. Through the course of the day he muses on his life, and considers how we went from the optimism of Live Aid to the horror of 9/11. Rick’s secret past is discovered, a past which has led him to where he is now. Perfect Day is about priorities in life and how one man copes with his fate, in a film beautifully shot on location in Thailand and Ireland. Written by Shane Magnier
Country: Thailand, Ireland

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