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DVD Photo
Run time: 64 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Comedy
Director: Ben Lidgate, Ed Morris
Writers: Ben Lidgate, Ed Morris
Stars: Hannah Barker, Roanna Cochrane, Leif Cussen
Meet Steve: a twenty-something who’s life isn’t turning out quite as he’d hoped. His career as a writer has stalled before it started, he’s about to lose his 10th McJob since uni and his high-flying girlfriend’s just left him. The only ray of hope is the fringe theatre production he’s putting on with his oddball friends and a photograph of the mystery girl he finds among his old books. Meanwhile, best friend Keith is completely happy with his life – until his girlfriend tells him she’s pregnant. Between them they need to come to terms with life and love to discover what’s really important to them. Written by Anonymous
Country: UK

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