DVD Pictures of Lily

DVD Pictures of Lily

Run time: 90 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Drama | Comedy | Romance
Director: Mark Banks
Writers: Mark Banks
Stars: Elena Saorin, Daniel Lane, Louise Torres-Ryan
A nameless businessman travels to the seaside for a meeting but, instead, collides with the whirlwind that is Lily – an aloof non-conformist. Initial distrust develops into mutual fascination and game-playing as the odd-couple wander through their stolen day together. Written by Mark Banks
Plot Keywords: yellow, mirror, audience as voyeur, flea market, typewriter
Country: UK

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed Pictures of Lilly and found it to be a subtle exploration and intricate observation into relationships, chance meetings and personal journeys. It's perfectly poised and a beautifully made piece by Director and Writer Mark Banks. It manages to be both understated and non judgemental, but none the less rounded, truthful, gritty and honest to it's core. A welcome and refreshing piece of cinema that should be given every chance to breath and flourish. The two main leads are equal too in their strength and character development – great casting. Cinematically, it's very interesting to watch too, full of long, long shots of moving, wandering camera work. The whole film is hung together too by an amazingly strong soundtrack made up uniquely of music from local Brighton bands, giving it that final touch of authenticity and uniqueness. A great love story, not just between two people but also with a vibrant, living, passionate city too. Excellent.

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