DVD Pizza Maffia

DVD Pizza Maffia
DVD Pizza Maffia

Run time: 110 min
Rating: 4.8
Genres: Drama
Director: Tim Oliehoek
Writers: Khalid Boudou, Simon de Waal
Stars: Loek Peters, Sallie Harmsen, Mamoun Elyounoussi
Bram is very good friends with his cousin Haas. Faris, Haas’ uncle, manages the pizzeria of Brams father. After Brams father and Faris get into conflict with each other, Faris decides to leave and start his own pizzeria on the other side of the street. A true pizza war erupts between the two pizzeria, putting Bram and Haas friendship under a lot of pressure. Written by Rene Guillot
Plot Keywords: pizza, pizza delivery, exam, f 16, hospital
Country: Netherlands
Release Date: 17 February 2011 (Netherlands)
Box Office
Budget: €2,000,000 (estimated)


  1. I watched the movie online, and I liked it from the start I knew what to expect, is drama so sure I do not expect many things to happen.

    The title has noting to do with the movie but is funny though. The movie talks more about Morrocans in Holland and family relations

    I think the act was good,but from now and then I had to listen carefully to be able to understand since the actors had Morrocan background and They had a strong accent when they speak. The movie has some boring moments and scenes,but it showed the beauty of Dutch city Rotterdam where it was filmed and with the mojority of Morrocans.The movie also shows the fictions sometimes between Dutch and Morrocans. and the conflict and the complex that the young New generation of Morrocans suffers daily because in the house is typical Morrocan tradition and culture but the country is Holland.

    I think is a good story if you have nothing else to do, is worth watching for once I think.

  2. I went to the movie, and I can't say I was disappointed, just saying I didn't get my hopes up for it either.

    It was free, and I mean, who will refuse a free movie? Let's begin with the title, Pizza Mafia? This movie does not have any mafia in it. It is about 2 Pizza Delivery Guys with family issues. No godfather style parts. Although 1 of them tries to imitate Tony Montana. He did not succeed. The acting was terrible, what you can expect from the most dutch movies. Although I have to add that the main character had some good acting scenes in which he cries.

    The action was nice but too much overdone. If you go on a highway against traffic in real life, you'll die. Doesn't matter if you're the best driver.

    And some minor details like them sometimes not wearing a helmet which is virtually impossible in the Netherlands. Because the police will chase you down and you will die. Again.

    I have nothing more to add. Don't spend money on it. Not in the cinema, nor on DVD. You'll hate your self. And again you will die.

    This is Ariton live from the Netherlands, Good night.

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