DVD Player

DVD Player

Run time: 90 min
Rating: 4.8
Genres: Comedy
Director: Tomas Villum Jensen
Writers: Marie Østerbye
Stars: Ditte Arnth, Rasmus Bjerg, Clément Brun
Most people would see it as a bonus to be sent a few days to the Côte d’Azur to solve a smaller routine case, but for the righteous, extremely self-controlled and dull lawyer Michael Helge it is more like a punishment. Sun, sand, and sea are not things that appear on his top ten list. The case is supposedly just a simple divorce, but as soon as Michael Helge sets feet on French soil, everything goes wrong. He gets hustled for 10 million kroner of the company’s money, and suddenly the future looks less bright. Fortunately, he meets his old friend, the frivolous gambler Theo, and together they plan how to get all the money back in a true James Bond style… Written by Stine
Plot Keywords: male nudity, male frontal nudity
Country: Denmark
Release Date: 20 June 2013 (Denmark)

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  1. The first half of Player is filled with laughs and tells a predictable, but fairly interesting story. Rasmus Bjerg is good as "straight man" and Casper Christensen does what he does best. We are presented with a lot of exciting characters, as the couple played by Lars Brygmann and Ellen Hillingsø. But about halfway through the film, it appears as if the director just gave up. There are so many plot holes that the film falls apart. Jokes which would normally have worked fall to the ground because you no longer believe in the tale you are being presented. The film's "climax" is the worst poker scene in the history of cinema. It would seem that no one working on this movie has ever played poker. This scene alone is enough to ruin the entire movie, but so many other scenes in the movie are so poorly executed that it is cringe worthy.

    The first half is very enjoyable but the rest is just too stupid.

    3 stars.

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