DVD Ponchao

DVD Ponchao
DVD Ponchao

Run time: 85 min
Rating: 5.3
Genres: Comedy
Director: Josh Crook
Writers: Gilberto Perez, Manny Perez
Stars: Manny Perez, Karina Larrauri, Jochy Santos
Country: Dominican Republic
Release Date: 10 October 2013 (Dominican Republic)


  1. Greetings friends readers, in brief words will tell them why Ponchao is not a good movie, that might well be… The director of the film, Josh Crook does not provide us the best of his talent, which we saw in La Soga in 2009. Here we can just enjoy a good photography and a couple of shots that are worth mentioning. The script is bad, does not have a logical sequence and therefore we did not get to identify with the characters, something so important in the film. We do not understand the story completely by the deficiencies of the script. What has the movie are the performances, was worried about Manny Pérez, never imagined it as a comedy actor, but the truth is that I was surprised as well handled by the subject and how it makes us laugh with their excesses. The rest of the cast is fine, even the television characters that on other films had been deficient, here do well. Ponchao has good jokes that will make you laugh, but if you are looking for is a good film, not will find. If you want to laugh no matter the content, then Ponchao is an option. I'd like to see Manny Pérez a character such as the of the rope where they gave their best in every sense of the word.

  2. Watching this movie, and based on feedback from my circle of critics I can assure you it is nothing suitable because it promotes family see homosexuality to children. In my country Dominican Republic, people stood in the room, as it has a central core, not a structured frame. Lack of common sense. Which one see this movie, deserve to die. Alfonso Rodriguez it's a great director, but he must understand that his carnival it's over. He is making too much garbage movies. This movie has very bad performances and too much jumping inside the all and complete movie. the movie goes from the particular to the general, from the general to the particular in the same way over and over again and in the opposite direction. can not appreciate a good message. except that you can lie and pretend to be a gay of corner.

    people rightly left the cinema. the shame of seeing characters like Jochy, the largest Fefita making ridiculous roles I felt sorry.

    this plot zooms all of reality. these things do not happen or by the head of a child. film society, do something about it.

    do not waste your money seeing this movie. I am thinking in your pockets.

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