DVD Puerto padre

DVD Puerto padre
Rating: 6.2
Genres: Drama
Director: Gustavo Fallas
Writers: Gustavo Fallas
Stars: Gabriel Retes, Adriana Alvarez, Jason Perez
Country: Costa Rica, Mexico
Release Date: 30 August 2013 (Canada)

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  1. The story in Puerto Padre certainly had potential. It narrates the story of a kid moving from the Island where he lived his whole life to a nearby fishing and cruise port in Costa Rica after his mother dies. He goes there looking for his godfather, a job and a new life. Things get complicated when he learns that his godfather is dead and instead he has to live with his godfather's brother who is a harsh and authoritative man.

    The setting is certainly apt for a good drama and that's achieved partially. The movie has interesting characters that could have become more memorable with better development, storytelling and acting. The cinematography is certainly one of the high points with beautiful shots but that isn't enough to tell a good story. Some important scenes felt rushed and lacking dramatic effect.

    Like with many other costarican productions Puerto Padre seems like a good effort which fell short. The film industry is just starting to flourish in this small tropical country so it needs time. The ideas and talent are there but the refinement takes time and experience.

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