DVD Ratu: The Movie

DVD Ratu: The Movie
DVD Ratu: The Movie
Run time: 97 min
Rating: 3.1
Genres: Comedy
Director: A. Razak Mohaideen
Writers: Shukor Mohaideen
Stars: Eizlan Yusof, Fouziah Ghous, Aren
Country: Malaysia
Release Date: 17 March 2011 (Malaysia)

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  1. A. Razak is a Malaysian director, with many titles under his belt. However, before one jumps to the conclusion that if he has done many films that means he is good, then one is sorely wrong.

    He follows a basic script; make a film, throw in a unique trait in the film (e.g films featuring amateur actors, films with lots of girls), and make money out of it. Simple.

    The quality of his films are appalling, with more and more worse films to choke the Malay film industry.

    In this film, he tries to make us believe that there is a beauty contest, with the contestants sent out to a remote island, and let them fight for their lives. I mean, REALLY? I have always thought that is more of a Survivor rather than Next Top Models! And the film are littered with clichéd dialogs, huge gaping holes in the plots, and wooden characters who seem to only have one facial expression throughout the film.

    Kudos A.Razak for belittling our industry, and making Malay film to be laughing stock to our people, and international scenes.

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