DVD Réquiem para Laura Martin

DVD Réquiem para Laura Martin
DVD Réquiem para Laura Martin

Run time: 108 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Drama | Romance | Thriller
Director: Paulo Duarte, Paulo Duarte
Stars: Claudia Alencar, Ana Paula Serpa, Anselmo Vasconcelos
The film tells the story of a maestro, extremely famous, rich and talented, who is sharing his obsession for the music with his muse Laura Martin, an exuberant and beautiful woman, a musician of great talent, in charge of the transcripts of the composer’s works. It is not known exactly yet, over the sequences in the film, if Laura is a real character, if she exists, or if it’s a creation of his mind. The narrative takes place during the process of creating the newest and perhaps the composer’s last work. Used to manipulate people around him, Maestro finds in the essence of Laura the representation of love and freedom he ever idealized , but although the character of the mysterious Laura, represents a force of nature, implacable fate eventually leads Maestro by a dark road of his own mind, thats when he create a morbid plan and a sinister pact with his muse, in order to remain united by music, forever. Written by Anonymous
Country: Brazil

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