DVD Resurrection of Serious Rogers

DVD Resurrection of Serious Rogers
DVD Resurrection of Serious Rogers

Rating: 5.3
Genres: Action | Crime | Drama
Director: Angelo Bell
Writers: Angelo Bell
Stars: Cooper Harris, Kasan Butcher, Chip Joslin
A cold-blooded assassin turns reckless and inadvertently rescues a potential victim from termination, inciting the wrath of her boss. Now she must use all her training against the people she once called family to keep a defenseless nanny alive. Written by Anonymous
Plot Keywords: nanny, neo noir, woman in bra and panties, sexuality, remake
Country: USA
Release Date: 15 August 2010 (USA)


  1. When I came here this movie has an 8.2. That is nothing short of pathetic. I am not even going to write a full review just because of how horrible this movie is. Obviously, someone who worked on this movie has no shame and put some high votes on it. This movie has horrible acting, writing, and directing from the word "go". I wasted 40 minutes of my life that I will never get back and only got through half. When you watch a movie while fully rested and you get so bored during that movie you start to "doze off", that is a terrible sign. To see how bad the acting was I started to wonder if they were paid actors or just volunteers from the local church. I am normally very fair and honest in a review. This movie deserves a harsh dose of reality before someone else falls for the typical rating trap that happens on these sites.

  2. I really enjoyed this micro budget flick. I loved Angelo Bell's integrity and boldness to attempt to make a neo-noir crime flick. For what little he had to work with I think it had a strong premise and would highly recommend to a lover of micro budget filmmaking. I was particularly impressed with Mercedes Manning's acting. I loved how she presented herself in several different lights. I thought she played the femme fatale type extremely elegantly. I like the elements of politics. Also the fact that the director/writer in this case has chosen to go over the type and make the characters larger than life. I don't think the film is set with an extreme serious tone, which I like. Its just full of fun entertainment. Overall a great cinematic experience.

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