DVD Rock’n’Ball

DVD Rock’n’Ball
DVD Rock’n’Ball

Run time: 80 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Comedy | Family | Sport
Director: Dmytro Prykhod’Ko
Writers: Dmitriy Prikhodko, Dmytro Prykhod’Ko
Stars: Bogdan Brodski, Polina Dzhakaeva, Olexiy Min’Ko
Ten year old Russian boy Dima has no parents, he does not want sweets, he does not want a bike, and he does not want a dog. All he wants is to play soccer. And in this moment he wants to meet his father for at least one day. Fortune gives him an extraordinary chance. Dima finds the ‘father’. This ‘father’ has no money and documents, he thinks about cigarettes, drinks, and constantly talks about some grandfather whom he wants to find. Father for a day, no problem. The problem is to reach mutual understanding, because… he’s Polish and does not speak Russian. Written by Anonymous
Country: Ukraine
Release Date: October 2011 (Ukraine)

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