DVD Roda tsanta kai kopana

DVD Roda tsanta kai kopana
DVD Roda tsanta kai kopana
Rating: 1.7
Genres: Comedy
Director: Omiros Efstratiadis
Writers: Giannis Sklavos
Stars: Steve Douzos, Eleni Filini, Nena Chronopoulou
Country: Greece
Release Date: 6 January 2011 (Greece)


  1. Definitely one of the worst movies I have ever payed for in cinemas…

    Only a few bits are approaching funny, but even those repeat themselves and become indifferent to the eye…The script is absent, and it reminds the old episodes but without any flare or interest. There are a few members of the cast that surprise and entertain, but they r not enough to save the shipwreck..

    Very poor effort by the cast altogether, and the director who wanted to make this one for a long time. Cheap production, cheap result…the legacy is not fulfilled by this sequel.

    It is disappointing to see so many people visiting the cinemas for such crappy productions.

  2. I wasn't planning to go into details, as I don't think there is a point to it. So my first paragraph says it all.

    All I will say is this: I have watched all sorts of movies in theaters, am a big movie and cinema fan. I have seen the best and the worst. And never have I left a movie theater before the end of the show… until today. The movie started at 23:48 and I was out of the doors by 00:11. I am not joking and I am not overreacting.

    Nothing more needs to be said about this.

    Well as it turns out I need to add more to this before I am allowed to post so here is some more info for those that got this far.

    in 20 minutes of movie time that I managed to make myself sit through:

    half the time was spent showing scenes from the cult 80's hit movie so the new movie offered nothing.

    the old actors from the cult movie should have stayed retired as their acting was awful and the 2 scenes portraying the "new class" seemed to go out of its way to show their lack of skill.

    there was no script to speak of. it seemed to me that the movie was gonna end up a 1 hour mash up of old scenes and hastily put together scenes to try to pass as a new movie.

    Overall it seemed to me as a desperate effort to use an old brand name to milk some cash from people with absolutely no intent of giving anything to the viewer. This isn't a remake, it isn't a reboot, this is a sequel that uses the exact same name as the original which should illustrate how little they were planning to offer to people.

  3. Movie is one of the worst ever. It's not worth to download it even for free!

    It's a sequel to the hit movies of the 80's but unfortunately it doest live up to its reputation.

    Production was cheap, direction was cheap, most of the actors were remotely acting. Whoever did the casting was not working in favor of the production.

    Few scenes were funny but overall there was no plot or intellectual script behind this production.

    The fact that they integrated some commercials into the so called script made the movie more cheap than it already was.

    Im disappointed not because of the money i spent for the ticket but for the time i wasted to watch this movie. And believe me, if i hadn't been sitting in the center of the row i would have left the theater within the first 15minutes!

  4. I am not old enough to have watched the original when it came out in 82, but i was acutely aware of its cult status. Though not a comedic gem, it has passed in Greek movie history, through frequent reruns, a few good one liners and some very enjoyable appearances of movie legends of the 60s in it…Even so, no one would say it was a "good" movie… Despite that, the 82 version becomes a masterpiece compared to this cinematic atrocity. Absolutely talentless young actors that look at least a decade older than high school students, an obvious lack of serious script combined with awful direction and ridiculous music, make this film a thing to be avoided… Add to that the complete lack of talent of the few returning actors and the trashy "special guests", and you have a pretty good reason for never going to the movies again… I am truly sad to see Kostas Voutsas involved in this. One of the best actors of his generation and an all-around favorite of Greek audiences, he should have never been involved in this…Very sad…

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