DVD Ruamphon khon luktung ngoen lan

DVD Ruamphon khon luktung ngoen lan

Rating: 3.8
Genres: Comedy
Director: Pornchai Hongrattanaporn
Stars: Boontone Khonnum, Dao Mayuri, Apaporn Nakornsawan
Country: Thailand
Release Date: 21 November 2013 (Thailand)

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  1. Warning spoiler

    As a follow on to monpleng luktung from 2002 this was a little disappointing. While the cast comprised many of the greatest country singers, there was little singing in the film. The plot is a simple story of a group of singers being summoned to a temple to give a concert for charity only to find after the event all the people there were ghosts, including themselves as they really died on the way in a bus crash. This is a common theme in Thai films. If they could not come up with a better plot a musical along bollywood lines would have made more use of the talent. This sets out to be a Thai comedy though and surprisingly some of the one liners and jokes were very funny. Thai films have to have a happy ending so the 'dead' singers all make it back to life with the exception of the one who did bad deeds. Good if you know who the singers are, but if not it might seem a bit perplexing otherwise. Monrak Transistor remains the best modern Thai musical comedy by far.

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