DVD Sabit kanca

DVD Sabit kanca
DVD Sabit kanca

Run time: 100 min
Rating: 3.2
Genres: Comedy
Director: Alper Mestçi
Writers: Alper Mestçi
Stars: Ismail Baki Tuncer, Volkan Kantoglu, Rabia Yildirim
Country: Turkey
Release Date: 22 March 2013 (Turkey)

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  1. Well first of all that movie looks like mix of Recep Ivedik and Slumdog Millionaire and that does not a original movie.

    Couple of bad language very weak love story mostly used a few place and very poor quality. Just tried to survive with dialogs but most of them were not funny (95%). Maybe some teenagers will gonna like it but thats all. While you were watching the movie you can understand that the budget is too low and cast also in some scenes they were push themselves and you can understand in almost every scene very easily. Do not watch it do not buy it and if you watch it God helps to forget the movie.

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