DVD Sakura hime

DVD Sakura hime
DVD Sakura hime
Run time: 95 min
Rating: 5.4
Genres: Drama
Director: Hajime Hashimoto
Writers: Nanboku Tsuruya, Masahiro Yoshimoto
Stars: Munetaka Aoki, Yuma Asami, Denden
Country: Japan
Release Date: 29 June 2013 (Japan)

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  1. I watched this whole movie and I was trying to find some redeeming qualities in it but there were none. We start out with a rape by a thief, then the girl that is raped runs off to work in a brothel so she can meet her rapist again and let's add in he also stole something of value from her family. Then there is the weird guy In the fur coat who is sort of like I guess supposed to be a puppet master pulling the strings or fate of these individuals but that is not made entirely clear in this movie. There is a monk who was a sodomizing pedophile, a jealous prostitute, the thief and the sakura princess turned whore.

    Truth be told this movie seemed to be made to justify looking at Asian women have sex and listen to them moan. It wasn't cohesive, it had to many bit players who's stories didn't connect. Especially the man in the fur coat maybe if he had of been tied in better then this whole movie would have made sense but it was just completely out there so I guess if you're a guy you'll love it and if you're a woman and you like to see small breasted women then you'll love it as well but story wise look else where.

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