DVD Saltwater

DVD Saltwater
DVD Saltwater

Run time: 81 min
Rating: 4.6
Genres: Romance
Director: Charlie Vaughn
Writers: Ronnie Kerr
Stars: Ronnie Kerr, Ian Roberts, Bruce L. Hart
This American Indie drama follows several endearing characters as they wade through life seeking happiness, peace and ultimately, love. Will (Ronnie Kerr, Vampire Boys 2, Shut Up and Kiss Me) leaves the Navy after many years, soon reunites old friends and begins to start his new civilian life. His friend Rich (Bruce L Hart) tries to set him up with ruggedly handsome Josh (Ian Roberts-a former Australian professional rugby player, actor and model-Cedar Boys, Superman Returns, Little Fish). While there is immense chemistry between the two, timing and certain ideals never seem to align. When a shocking tragedy happens the two are paired up to pick up the pieces and sort through the after effects. Saltwater is a story about men of all ages, finding love, losing friends, navigating their way through life and knowing it’s the journey rather then the destination that’s important. Written by Tyler Pirner
Plot Keywords: friend, kiss, matchmaking, swimming pool, iraq veteran
Country: USA
Release Date: 15 July 2012 (USA)
Box Office
Budget: $10,000 (estimated)


  1. 'Saltwater' is a film about two guys who just can't seem to get their stars aligned and be together, until something grave occurs which makes all of their hemming and hawing trivial. The problem with the movie is the two characters don't really get together(SPOILER!)until the last two minutes of the movie. Until then, we, the audience, are subjected to endless encounters with misunderstandings, hesitations, wrong-headed judgments and bad decisions. Although the movie has a bevy of characters screaming for development, they all seemed wrapped up in whether the two protagonists will ever get together. I applaud the makers of this film for choosing actors who are well into their thirties and beyond, and for making supporting characters who are believable and likable. The '6' comes from stringing the audience along for as long as possible for the flimsiest of pay-offs. And realistically, I don't know if two guys would hesitate at trying to date for almost a year. It stretches belief a little to far.

  2. This may be the worst gay-themed movie ever made – which is saying a lot. I usually try to give lgbt movies a little leeway, because they often are small budget affairs. But this movie was unbearable. I gave up just short of 15 minutes in because I couldn't take it any more. The actors are fair, at best, but the characters are terrible, stereotypical and annoying. The writer and/or director didn't take the time to make the characters likable and important to us before they showed us the negative and unlikeable side of the characters. When the two leads started to argue, the dialogue was so bad and the delivery so poor, that I had to bail. the director and writer are so in your face and beating you over the head with their message, that they didn't take any time to develop the characters and build to their point. This is the first time I haven't been able to finish watching a gay-themed movie. sad.

  3. I'm pretty sure the whole movie could have been cut down to 30 minutes, maybe less. At the risk of spoiling the movie, not even saltwater can fix this movie. I'd recommend taking a stimulant before you watch this because otherwise you'll find yourself asleep in no time. I had hope for the movie because it started off with a playful dialog and almost genuine attraction between the two main characters. But that quickly spiraled into the same basic scene over and over again. It was like watching Groundhog Day, but with worse acting. I've never seen any of the actors in this movie, and now I know why. And the tall almost "giant-looking" Australian? No, no, and no. Either there's something wrong with him or he was smirking throughout the entire movie. Not a good look in a movie that deals with a very real and tragic thing like suicide.

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