DVD Sarah préfère la course

DVD Sarah préfère la course
DVD Sarah préfère la course
Run time: 97 min
Rating: 6.4
Genres: Drama | Romance | Sport
Director: Chloé Robichaud
Writers: Chloé Robichaud
Stars: Sophie Desmarais, Jean-Sébastien Courchesne, Geneviève Boivin-Roussy
The film is about the pursuit of a goal and tackles the anxieties of a young athlete who lives only for the race.
Plot Keywords: anxiety, race, athlete, racer
Country: Canada
Release Date: 7 May 2014 (France)

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  1. Not that I didn't enjoy the movie – as a runner with cardiac issues I certainly could identify with Sarah. And being a bit distant and withdrawn, which Sophie Desmarais portrays admirably, seems to be a byproduct of long/middle distance runners, at least the ones who excel that I've come into contact with. It does drag on at times, and the same sex undertones are there, but never really proclaimed, as Sarah struggles with her sexual preferences. However, the film does prove one thing. If you put two opposite gender biological entities together in a cramped space, eventually they get around to it. For me, as a runner, the final scene really says it all about the need to run as an addiction almost the point of…. well, I'll leave that unsaid for the viewers to conclude.

    But if "Sarah Prefers to Run" she needs to lengthen her stride, because her leg action is all straight up and down.

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