DVD Save the Date

DVD Save the Date
DVD Save the Date

Run time: 97 min
Rating: 5.7
Genres: Comedy | Romance
Director: Michael Mohan
Writers: Jeffrey Brown, Michael Mohan
Stars: Lizzy Caplan, Alison Brie, Mark Webber
Sarah begins to confront her shortcomings after she rejects her boyfriend’s hasty proposal and soon finds herself in a rebound romance. Meanwhile, her sister Beth is immersed in the details of her wedding.
Plot Keywords: wedding, sketch, camera shot of bare feet, two on a motorcycle, two in a shower
Country: USA
Release Date: 27 January 2014 (UK)
Box Office
Opening Weekend: $3,755 (USA) (14 December 2012)
Gross: $3,755 (USA) (14 December 2012)


  1. This film achieves one thing very well; it is an expose on narcissism while being completely unaware of it. It's so ironic it's good and awful at the same time. The only likable character in the entire movie is Andrew, Beth's fiancée, and his role is quite marginal. The rest of the characters are completely self involved and overly dramatic. The heroine, whom I'm sure was meant to be endearing and enthralling, but is neither, is an "artist" who is evidently inspired by the most important thing in her life; herself. Every work of art she creates is a rendition of some "monumental" moment in her life. I hated this movie because of each characters' self aggrandizement but I loved this movie because I believe it is a pretty accurate depiction of the prolonged adolescent youths of modern day LA. It would be one thing to overtly address/discuss the narcissistic tendencies of each character but some of the "message," which is so so subtle would have been lost. If the movie had acknowledged the blatant theme of narcissism I may have had more sympathy for the characters (which I would prefer to do when watching a film) but it was never acknowledged, it was presented as acceptable, normal, even admirable behaviour and for that reason I couldn't stand any of the characters. No punchline was funny, no pain was potent, no fear, disappointment or happiness was empathetic. They were all just unlike-able people. I'm sure it was never the intention of the director, writer or actors to name and identify the overriding theme of the film. They were all, most likely, completely oblivious to the subject matter of the film and that's what makes it so perfect. If they knew what they were doing I give them major props for being so true to the nature of narcissism and hiding the theme so plainly in sight. Besides enjoying the unintentional subject matter this movie was terrible, boring, bromidic and cliché.

  2. I had high expectations for a comedy starring Alison Brie and Lizzy Caplan and boy was I let down.

    Save the Date is a basic romantic comedy, 2 sisters with different views on relationships, love, sex and marriage. 3 guys. Angst, drama, bad puns and ridiculously predictable plot lines.

    Is this a bad film? No. Is it in any way, shape or form worth a recommendation? No. I can't even think of more things to write about the movie because it was such a generic film. If you love one of the actors involved – go on, watch it – but if you want to see a good (romantic) comedy there are a thousand other, better choices.

  3. Kevin is stupid, Beth is obnoxious, the bookshop is boring, marriage is so not cool, so Sarah is entitled to behave like an irritatingly narcissistic adolescent (especially since she is so pretty). No material problems get in the way of Sarah's self-centered, vacuous life. She doodles and it leads to a solo exhibition that even gets reviewed by Artforum. Now, come on! That almost makes the movie veer into surrealism! Enter considerate, whale-loving Jonathan. Although I personally find his squirming body language rather distasteful, the script tells me I'm supposed to think he's cute. There is an epic (as in unbelievably corny) scene with him cuddling the retrieved cat on the stairs. This (of course) signals that it's time for Sarah to settle into conventional child-rearing mode. And sis opportunely turns nice and understanding. Problem solved. It all happened so quickly I didn't even have time to start feeling sorry for the boring characters. Honestly, there's something disturbingly insidious about this movie camouflaged as an indie film. I have an eerie suspicion it was funded by the pro-life lobby in an attempt to get the slackers and dudes back on the baby-making track. The film ends suddenly – because, I guess, it has to, since the story would have turned painfully mundane from then on. (Unless, of course, Jonathan is a psychopath and the screen goes black because he flips and applies a hatchet not too gently to her head when she tells him she's pregnant. Now *that* would at least have made this film mildly interesting.)

  4. Though I can't deny that the film's storyline is overly clichéd and hence predictable as the story goes, I still stand by the reassuring assumption that Save the Date is one of the year's most watchable independent romantic comedies. While the film tries too hard to be fresh – and ultimately fails – it promises a perfectly laughable and heartfelt experience, making a good use of the catchy soundtrack and its cast of many promising indie-regulars. After a short conversation with Michael Mahan (during the American Film Festival in Wroclaw), the director of this picture, I rest assured that Save the Date aspires to be mostly an enjoyable and entertaining comedy and that's its unquestionable strength.

    Saying that the story exemplifies a real-life one would be perhaps an overstatement, but admitting that the viewers can identify with the characters and the issues that they need to cope with would definitely be all right.

    There is romance, sex, marriage, and pregnancy; there are break ups, fights, rock concerts, dances, and parties. Ironically so, the film doesn't seem dull even though it is a mash-up of all those things.

    What's more, as corny as it may sound, Save the Date illustrates everything that the word 'indie' brings to mind these days: indie music, indie actors, indie dialogues (words like 'like', 'awesome', 'cool', 'dude' – you know what I mean), indie vibe even.

    Save the Date is definitely not a movie for everyone. It's more of an evening-on-the-couch type of thing than a real deal, but still I would recommend it to everyone who is in need of a light-hearted kind of entertainment. Also, admirers of Lizzie Caplan will observe how she – once again – shows her true potential, gradually turning into a rom-com favorite.

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