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DVD Scrapper
DVD Scrapper
Run time: 85 min
Rating: 6.3
Genres: Drama
Director: Brady Hall
Writers: Ed Dougherty, Brady Hall
Stars: Michael Beach, Aidan Gillen, Anna Giles
Did you know that scrap metal is America’s 4th largest export? Well, Hollis Wallace does, and he makes his quiet living trolling the back alleys of Seattle looking for cast-off copper, aluminum and other valuable metals. Hollis uses all the tricks of the metal scrapping trade to earn his living and navigate through a fascinating and rowdy world that few pay any attention to. Hollis’s only friend is his ailing mother, and his only drive in life is to collect enough scrap to take care of her. But his routine and isolation are disrupted when he has a strange encounter with teenage runaway Swan in the basement of an unhinged neighbor. They end up forming a scrapping partnership that almost borders on a friendship, before the forces in their lives threaten to destroy their new bond completely. SCRAPPER is a witty drama that stars Michael Beach (Third Watch, Soul Food, Sons of Anarchy) as Hollis, a quiet man with a keen grasp on his trade and no grasp at all on his personal life. Newcomer … Written by GMMG
Country: USA
Release Date: 21 May 2013 (USA)


  1. I remember seeing this trailer for the first time. It's one of those trailers that grabs you right away. One if the one's where you identify with the lead character and his struggle instantly.

    The opening shot in the trailer shows you just how beautiful the film will look. It takes you right into Hollis's (Beach) world. You then see the strange Ray(Gillen) and then a young girl taking part in bondage (giles). Then it cuts to Hollis taking Swan (Giles) in and putting a roof over her head. The trailer definitely keeps you curious and wanting more. Those are the kind if trailers I love! The movie is even better!

    I was very moved when I saw this film. It reminded me to be a kind person and not be afraid to push for what I want in life. Also, to not be afraid to stand up for myself because you never know when its going to be too late.

    The acting in this is spot on. The chemistry between the characters is so great. It flows so well and leaves you wanting more. You are really submerged into this world of a scrap metal collector and all that it entails and the characters that inhabit this neighborhood.

    This is the type of independent film that I could watch over and over again. Being an actress, these are the types of films that I want to associate myself with. Ones with true heart, depth and the occasional comical line. Movies like this give me hope and help remind me of where I am in my life. I will watch this one many more times. Great film! Wish I could've caught it at the Austin Film Fest!

  2. This film is quite a ride. The trailer doesn't elude much to the fact that a lot of this is darkly comedic. I was very surprised in a good way! There are too many films that have a good storyline and great characters and there is no comic relief! Don't get me wrong, its still a Drama, but it has its moments. This film had the perfect balance.

    The way the ensemble worked together was amazing. The cast members really played well off of each other and lived moment to moment. Swan (Giles) is a lost young woman, in which whom we should feel really bad for, but we see the way she lives her life and it brings a lightness to it. She played it very well! Ray (Gillen) also brought his fair share of comedy to it…but in the end you look back upon him and rethink his motives…what a strange man! Hollis (Beach) really carries the film and brought so much to the story. He was so open and vulnerable to everything that was happening to him. I felt like I was working beside him.

    I saw this film at the Seattle International Film Fest. It will be out on VOD in April 2014 and I am gonna buy it! So good!

    Check it, yo.

  3. I got an advanced DVD copy of this movie from a friend who had it because apparently he knows one of the actors whose name I can't remember but who played some super tiny role in the movie, and honestly, I only ended up watching it because my Netflix account was down for the count the other night, but I was surprised by how good it was. Not really what I expected, but it was well worth it.

    This is just a really engaging movie with great performances, especially from Aiden Gillen. Very emotional story, you get caught up in the main character's tiny world and all of the pressure that falls on him along the way. Definitely recommended!

  4. I really found that I Enjoyed this movie a lot from start to finish. The acting is phenomenal, and the production is really top notch for a movie with obviously no real budget. Hollis is a lonely man going about his business trying not to hurt anyone, and for the most part minding his own, and not getting involved in any of the crazy stuff that he sees roaming the streets each day, while at home his mother is slowly wasting away. Then he meets Swan as she is called for most of the movie, one of the many drifters in this world who has seen more than most people would ever believe, and is not afraid to just come out, and tell you what she wants. Once they find each other you can tell that Hollis's life will never be the same. He sees someone that needs to be protected, and she feels no such thing about herself, however the two bond so quickly, and find that they have what the other so needs in this world of lost souls. There are many well developed side characters who only serve to help in developing our two main protagonists into more rounded personalities. The fever dreams that Hollis is lost, and afraid in that are caused by his Nic patches are a nice touch of fantasy that most people will enjoy. I whole heartedly recommend this movie as a great drama that has a good solid, and very adult story that will draw you in, and hold you till the end. You will like Hollis within the first few minutes, and you will feel for him in his moments of weakness. So get on it.

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