DVD Screwed

DVD Screwed

Run time: 96 min
Rating: 4.2
Genres: Comedy | Romance
Director: John Wynn
Writers: Eric Rogers
Stars: Kurt David Anderson, Julie McNiven, Nathan Moore
Screwed is a modern throwback to classic John Hughes-ian 80’s films about self discovery, a sex comedy with heart where one man will do anything and any woman to win the girl of his dreams.
Plot Keywords: black panties, panties, upskirt, mini dress, cleavage
Country: USA
Release Date: 19 October 2013 (USA)


  1. This movie has almost all the ingredients of a sex comedy (read my past reviews to know which ….if your a fan of this genre you already know).

    But to add to that it had a few concepts and scenes that could have made this movie epic.

    1) The concept of the tape (most sex comedies are based on less).

    2) The weird black guy (as recurring non storyline characters go this is better than most).

    3) The nuclear family ( responsible for some of the funniest scenes in the movie).

    I can excuse the bad production values and the poor soundtrack and background score (and so should you its a C- movie after all).

    But why the hell does a R-rated sex comedy have no female nudity, hell why the hell doesn't it even have any hormone inducing exposure.

    Why market surveys and demographics may have ruined most modern big budget films, even the dumbest person should know if your making a film for a person whos willing to see a B or C (R rated) sex comedy, then the least he is expecting is loads of gratuitous nudity.

    To add insult to injury the script bloody demanded it.

    Maybe someday some better filmmakers with a decent budget will remake this movie and and titillation to it.

    That would make a great or maybe even epic movie.

    This remains your average B or C movie.

  2. Considering how this movie has yet to receive a review here, I thought I would take the effort to ward others away from this pathetic train wreck.

    Put bluntly, this is probably the worst excuse for a romantic comedy I have ever seen. The movie is supposed to be about a guy who watches a sex VHS in order to enhance his sexual prowess and win over the heart of his unsatisfied girlfriend. Along the way, he has sex with around half a dozen women before he falls in love with a normal girl in between. Conflicted by the end, the protagonist chooses the down-to-earth girl over his former insatiable girlfriend but not before the jealous ex tries to break their new union.

    Overused story notwithstanding, the movie failed to make me laugh at all. In fact, rather than smile, I was forced to grimace and many times during the "movie," I chose to minimize the video while keeping it running and do some writing to spare some of my wasted time. The worst part about the film, apart from the incompetent editing and transitions from take to take, was the content. For a movie about promiscuous sex, there is NO nudity at all. The only nudity in the film I saw was the bare buttocks of the lead actor (who probably felt very under-dressed for each "sex scene").

    In closing, if you don't want to waste a good 100 minutes of your time and money on a total nightmare of a "movie," then don't watch this BS.

    My rating : 3/10 (a generous rating for this garbage).

  3. Had to add a review after catching this on Netflix, being intrigued by the film, and reading the other two oddly harsh reviews.

    Screwed has its limitations: most notably, the low production values of an indie done on a tight budget, and a predictable and somewhat disappointing ending. And on netflix, all passages with music tracks have been entirely muted out–presumably due to copyright issues?–which makes for a jarring performance.

    But those flaws aside, it has an engaging cast, a great deal of wit, and an interesting premise. Well worth your time. The film industry would be much better off if more pictures like this saw the light of day.

  4. This movie could have been good. Not great but good enough so you feel you didn't waste time watching it. The plot is just silly enough to be good. People doing things do them so that they could be funny. Interactions could be funny. And some supporting characters are funny as they are. And while movie attempts to be different and not go for traditional happy ending it fails.

    But it isn't. Bad acting and bad editing ruin everything. while movie has that distinct low budget-y feel that really isn't that bad. And even so some things work, like Nuclear family and weird black guy.

    But overall it's wasted effort and you shouldn't waste your time with it.

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