DVD Seres: Genesis

DVD Seres: Genesis
DVD Seres: Genesis

Run time: 110 min
Rating: 4.8
Genres: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi
Director: Angel M. Huerta
Writers: Armando Guajardo, Angel M. Huerta
Stars: Gonzalo Vega, Manuel Balbi, Alejandra Barros
Owal Tec investigates the paranormal activities that are taking place around the country.
Plot Keywords: independent film
Country: Mexico
Release Date: 24 September 2010 (Mexico)
Box Office
Budget: $1,600,000 (estimated)


  1. This opened here in Mexico last Friday. It has had a pretty lukewarm response from audiences. Critics hated it. Bombed at the box office (didn't make the Top 10 and had mediocre numbers at best). I had a chance to see it on Sunday. Five people walked out from the theater, around 20 more stayed for the torture. The movie es bad. Really bad. And it really has nothing to do with the special effects (which where OK, but not great) or production aspects (although there were some sets that looked very cheap and some costume choices were pretty cartoony). The screenplay is terrible: clichéd, boring, with horrible dialogue, just very childish and naive. The actor couldn't do much with the material they where given and some seem to be sleepwalking through the story. And the director's choices match the screenplay and performances: nothing happens for two hours! If you're attracted to the idea of Mexican Science Fiction, go find some wrestler films or direct-to-video movies from the 80's and 90's. You'll have more fun watching that than this shallow, boring story.

  2. First of all, I am a Mexican, a writer, and I delve in the unsteady territory of Third World's science fiction. I recently published my first novel "Último Edén", or "Last Eden", a cyberpunk novel. So, as a Mexican writer of science fiction, I have the moral duty of telling the truth and is this: this is garbage. Absolute and pure garbage and the confirmation of the old and knew stereotype that in Mexico science fiction is equal to garbage and childish things. This movie never takes seriously itself and it gloats about it. You never know what is happening all along the entire movie. The plot lacks of motives. The characters are action figures in a long and dull children play. They are hollow, you never care a bit for them. They don't know what they are doing and so are you. They fall in love after a long, hollow, stupid and dull dialog that pretends to be deep and meaningful. There's a corporation that investigates a series of UFO sightings and we never know what profit take of it. There's a attempt of homicide and we never know why it happens. And the worst of all is the complete lack of budget for what science fiction is know: special effects and scenography. We never have the chance to see the scenery, even though the characters are on a jungle, mountains, forests, lakes or a city. All we can see is their pretty dull faces saying their hollow dialogs. Transformers and Resident Evil are similar to this movies, but, even though we can see amazing special effects, alien robot battles, explosions, zombies, and all kinds of visual candy. But this movie lacks of all of it. They don't show, they tell. Tell all this wonderful stuff. So we can't turn off our brains and enjoy it. But in Mexico we can make good science fiction, we just have to see Guillermo del Toro and Alfonso Cuaron Movies. Guillermo del Toro made Cronos, Mimic, Devil's Backbone, Hell Boy, Pan's Labyrinth, and Cuarón made Children of Men, which are excellent pictures and are critically acclaimed. So, all I can say for this fellow, Angel Mario Huerta is write first a good script that your budget can afford, make the movie later.

  3. Excellent special effects, very entertaining and interesting history, the sound very good, the picture also, the regular pattern, rather short, not very good dialog and a regular performances and some not so. But you have to recognize that it is the Mexican movie with better special effects have made and the only one that is NOT drugs, corruption, sex, drug trafficking and without the use of big words as is customary in Mexican cinema.

    The theme is very original. A Mayan history, archeology, aliens, zombies, viruses, international conflicts, superpowers, science fiction, action, suspense, terror and more. Perhaps exaggerated to put so many issues, but that's what makes it interesting.

    Do not miss to see that in Mexico there is quality cinema (at least visual)

  4. The story develops smoothly, it gives you the feeling that "the best is yet to come" something that the audiences always appreciate. Great special effects and animations! except for the one at the lake, it could have been done better. I can't explain myself how they didn't see this. The actors performs very well especially Gonzalo Vega (Prof. Owen). However 2 secondary characters act terribly, something the non-speaking Spanish audiences probably won't notice, since their bad acting can be perceived in the way they speak. The story is credible and exciting. Alien invasion might be a recurrent topic in sci-fi movies, but Seres has a slightly different point of view that I'm sure will be fully developed in the second movie. The only thing that might "dissaponint" you is that is not quite full of persecution action. That's the main complain I've heard: "It was great but I wanted to see more action with special effects". You know, rays flying everywhere, explosions and stuff like that. They wanted more! Seres is worth-watching.

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