DVD Shakti’s Retreat

DVD Shakti’s Retreat
DVD Shakti’s Retreat
Run time: 66 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Comedy | Mystery
Director: Pamela Gaye Walker
Writers: Pamela Gaye Walker
Stars: Mary-Pat Green, Jim Ortlieb, Pamela Gaye Walker
A retreat in time barely saves nine A group of dysfunctional people assemble for a well needed health RETREAT, hosted by an unemployed woman faking her way as a novice priestess on the shores of beautiful Lake Tahoe. Two precious pups lead the way through the maze of action – A mangy caretaker does NOT want anything touched, especially a corkscrew that may stir up the spirits of the recently deceased; A run-away Captain-Dad pairs up with estranged teenage daughters; A troubled couple deals with an indiscretion; And, alas, a famous Russian actress is in mourning for her pet ferret, yet she shares her talent for animal impersonations. Who could anticipate a tragedy amongst the fun and games? Written by Anonymous
Country: USA

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