DVD Shala

DVD Shala
DVD Shala

Rating: 7.8
Genres: Romance
Director: Sujay Dahake
Writers: Milind Bokil, Avinash Deshpande
Stars: Dilip Prabhavalkar, Santosh Juvekar, Jitendra Joshi
In turbulent India of the Emergency in the 1970’s , four friends on the threshold of their teenage years in a little Indian school, gather in they’re beloved adda to deliberate the everyday’s of school and life. Little do they know, that by the end of this academic year, their lives will take a tur as they never expected it to… Written by Anonymous
Plot Keywords: school, 1970s, based on novel
Country: India
Release Date: 20 January 2012 (India)


  1. I missed the movie when it was released, watched it now when the national awards were declared, the movie says that it will take you back to schools. I must admit, it really takes you back to those school days. A very nice movie, excellent direction, brilliant background score and nice star cast, each and every character looks perfect for the role and they have acted it so well, that you get stuck with them. I will recommend for all those who really want to visit there school days again, its something different not those regular school movies we may have seen. I am giving 10 or 10 for Shaala, it really took me to those golden days, which I will miss forever in my life. I must say that any one who went to school will relate this movie with there real school life, this movie is shows the 9th, 10th std students. They have shown it so well, even we use to behave in similar way as shown in the movie. It is the age when you enter a different world! Hats off to the Shaala movie team. Its a worth watch!!

  2. Shala movie is based on Milind Bokil's book. it is one of the best Marathi movie. Story line, Acting, Direction and music all are perfect. its the most awaited film in 2011, do watch it. If you have read this book then it will give you an enriching experience. The culture of 1970's has been wonderfully shown which has greater impact. the director of film, Sanjay, is 26 years old only, still he managed to give his best. All the actors are good specially gorgeous 'Shirodkar'. The shooting has been done at Panhala, near Kolhapur. The cinematography and music is brilliant. After watching this film definitely you want to go back in your past and have those school fun.

  3. The name can be misleading. Shala is not about kids going to school nor is it a children's film, even remotely. All that it has in common with Stanley ka Dabba begins and ends at the animated sequence that plays with the opening credits. Shala takes you to the next level: while you are still at school and your friends are important, you step onto the threshold of the adult world and start making sense of it.

    Most actors in the film have delivered a restrained performance. Anshuman Joshi emotes wonderfully as the protagonist Mukund Joshi. Ketaki Mategonkar who plays Shirodkar does a contrived act initially but entices with her charm in no time. Joshi and the other boys, particularly Mhatre (Ketan Pawar) are required to dabble in a range of emotions as they come-of-age: love, fear, rage and rejection. They do it naturally and convincingly.

    Do not give Shala a miss. It is a self-assured and grounded debut by a filmmaker which offers a lesson or two in simple storytelling straight from the heart, complete with soulful music. It is one of those gems that Marathi cinema throws up once in a while; totally localized in flavor yet universal in appeal.

  4. A love story of a boy named mukund joshi,and his friends. and story of classic old school days, joshi is a talented back-bencher does all the fun with his friends and fell in love with a girl. he and she used to look into each others eyes in classrooms and the story continues.

    there was no moment in the film where i was bored cinematography was absolutely fantastic and succeed to show old days direction and screenplay was all good all cast was gold and acted very very brilliantly the movie was only 1:42 hours long but i enjoyed them. the ending of movie could have been better love story of lead was so short movie was not promoted very well otherwise it could have been done good business If You Ever Gone To School You Would Love This Film but really sweet 9/10 stars for this classic cinema.

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