DVD Showgirls 2: Penny’s from Heaven

DVD Showgirls 2: Penny’s from Heaven
DVD Showgirls 2: Penny’s from Heaven
Run time: 145 min
Rating: 2.3
Genres: Comedy | Drama | Thriller
Director: Rena Riffel
Writers: Rena Riffel
Stars: Rena Riffel, Glenn Plummer, Greg Travis
Las Vegas stripper, Penny Slot (Rena Riffel), sets out on an adventure to become the star dancer on a dance television show. With stars in her eyes, she tries to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow but instead finds danger in a town more wicked than Sin City. Romance then leads her down a path towards her dream of stardom, fame, and fortune. But danger lurks at every twist and turn while Penny Slot becomes lured by a dangerous love triangle full of temptation and seduction. Penny’s longtime fiancĂ©/boyfriend, James “Jimmy” Smith (‘Glenn Plummer’) warns her that she needs formal technique training if she wants to be taken seriously as a real dancer, so Penny heeds his advice and sets out to take ballet classes and practices her pique turns. But, she must pay the price. And there is a price to pay for success, sacrifices to be made at every imaginable level, and it all comes down to… How bad do you want it? Written by Film Company
Plot Keywords: dancer, seduction, jail, betrayal, sex scene
Country: USA
Release Date: 2 June 2012 (Japan)


  1. I can't stress how bad this film was, when I say it was bad, believe me it was bad. I've seen bad B-films that were better than this. Cinemax and Showtime have better skin flicks on cable that look like A-list films compared to this. The only saving grace is the film's star, writer and director…Rena Riffel. I call her the saving grace of the film for one reason and one reason only and that's because she's friggin HOT…well let me change that and say her body is hot, because Riffel definitely has a butterface. There's plenty of Riffel's killer body throughout this film, but as far as her acting, writing and directing skills, she seriously lacks in all three departments. I can't believe they actually considered this as a sequel to the 1995 T&A cult classic 'Showgirls'?! Glenn Plummer (who reprises his original role) is also in this film, but he obviously has loss much of his acting skills…or…he's probably on very friendly terms with Riffel, if you know what I mean?!, because there's no other reason he would choose to do this film, unless he's doing Riffel also. I'm going to apologize in advance because I'm a fan of both actors, but come on?! Anyway, watch this film if you're only out to see some Riffel bootay, other than that I have to advice people to stay away from this film….far away.

  2. I really don't think we needed a sequel to the awful Showgirls almost 20 years after the fact.

    Imagine Showgirls horrible acting and nonsense plot only even worse, along with a home camcorder and no budget for effects or proper editing. The video is horrible, the sound is horrible, it doesn't even have the hint of sensuality that Showgirls 1 failed to ultimately deliver. The only redeeming feature of this film is Rena Riffel looks just as good as she did back then, possibly even better. If this had been a little campier it could have gone into cult status. As such its just a really bad amateur film the world never needed.

    If you need a T&A fix there's better movies, not the least of which is the unrated Showgirls.

  3. Despite being a box office bomb when it arrived in theaters in September 1995, Showgirls has made up more than its budget over the years in video sales. The movie has gotten better with age and people are seeing it as more than just an All About Eve remake nowadays. Regardless of any revisionist's ideas, I've always felt the film was an ode to a Las Vegas that doesn't exist any longer in 2013. Back then, anything could happen in Sin City. Today, well, it's full of unfinished buildings and over-priced food. Back in 1995, it was a magical place.

    Rena Riffel, who played Hope/Penny in the original, was able to fund a sequel through donations from KickStarter to write, produce, edit and direct a sequel. Penny's From Heaven takes us to the present day, where Penny and James Smith are still together 15 years later (the baby apparently was aborted) and they are still trying to get the money flowing. James wants to sell T-Shirts with the quotes he would use on Nomi while Penny still wants to be respected as a dancer. She wants to join a troupe known as Stardancers.

    The entire 135-minute film is chock full of Showgirls references. Entire scenes are recreated, several actors from the first film reprise their roles and Penny goes through several adventures and jobs on her road to joining Stardancers.

    While the movie has a Z-budget and the acting is atrocious (though I doubt they were trying hard), it's fun to hear the references to the cult classic prequel. Riffel has not aged one bit in the 15 years between movies other than a little age in the face. She still looks fantastic and plays the dumb blond to the hilt. It is hilarious to see her empty glaze look when she's with others. Shelly Michele, the body double to the stars, has aged quite well, too. She looks better than in the other movie I saw with her. After awhile, you ignore the bad acting and realize everyone was having fun shooting this film. The originality of this film is lacking as every part of the plot and the dialogue was lifted from Showgirls but it's from people who were key parts of the original.

    I've heard there will be another sequel down the line. My only suggestion is to make it about 80 minutes long. For now, this sequel will hold you over for a long time. Just watch it in small bites unless you need something to make you drowsy. It's a very slow and talky film.

  4. In this God awful movie that nobody, and I mean NOBODY asked for, we continue the story where Showgirls left off in 1995…or do we? No, in fact, this is an entirely different movie then Showgirls. Were lacking most of the cast of the original, although there are a few returning faces from the first film. Glenn Plummer makes his second attempt here, as well as Rena herself, who wrote and starred in this piece of rubbish. I mean, do we dare even call this a movie? If it is, we are certainly dealing with a budget so low, that we can't even afford to get a production crew in here that knew what they were doing. Too much lighting, bad acting, poor directing, annoying choppy fade in and out scenes. Bad accents. Bad script. TOO LONG OF A MOVIE! I can't think of anything good to say about this. That's why I'm giving it such a low rating. Lacks humor, lacks emotional and character depth. I could go on and on, but you get the point, let's move on to our story: Penny wants to pursue her dream of becoming a stripper/ dancer, and will stop at nothing to make sure her dreams come true. That's pretty much it. The rest of this film is pure filler, which include a girl on girl action scene in the pool, a fake pillow fight, and bad cat fights. Very uninteresting film. And it's not so much that we are making a bad sequel here, but what I really cannot understand is why we are making sequels to movies that bombed, not to mention sixteen years after it bombed. Well, I suppose there is a few good things I can say about it, at least we avoided the dreaded NC-17 rating on this one, as it has about 99 percent less nudity then Paul Verhoevens version of Showgirls. ( He directed better films…Robocop, Starship Troopers, and Spetters) Maybe they thought with this movie, less nudity, and more crap would make a better film. Sorry, team, but it didn't. And to think this was released in theatres? It should have been Direct to Video. Actually, it was so bad, it should have just gone direct to toilet.

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