DVD Silence

DVD Silence
DVD Silence
Run time: 120 min
Rating: 5.4
Genres: Drama | Thriller
Director: V.K. Prakash
Stars: Mammootty, Anoop Menon
Country: India
Release Date: 26 December 2013 (Kuwait)

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  1. Mammootty shouldn't do such roles. It suited him only in that 4-film series surrounding Sethuram Iyer CBI and that was early 2000s. But, now, in a way to copy Mohanlal's flourish in such crime-thriller roles, he has lost his way.

    Non of his recent movies are worth watching; and Silence is no different. Starting off with how his character becomes a HC judge, the film revolves around few goons who target him because he acted against them once. Then, the film jumps into another murder story and later comes out with a preposterous plot, something related to bipolar disorder. While the screenplay is blown-off, the film making factors are hopeless. With certain newbies playing important roles, the whole drama lacks credibility. And that grueling beat music every time Mammootty enters a scene is god-awful of the music editor.

    The director lacks efficiency and hence the film gives out garbled nuances, here & there. Anoop Menon is wasted and looks like, from his previous stints, he may really be a waste.

    BOTTOM LINE: No single factor to consider. Avoid!

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