DVD Silent But Deadly

DVD Silent But Deadly
DVD Silent But Deadly

Run time: 80 min
Rating: 4.0
Genres: Comedy | Horror
Director: Stephen Scott
Writers: Lori Kelly, David Pluscauskas
Stars: Jason Mewes, William Sadler, Jordan Prentice
Thomas Capper is an unconventional and mysterious serial killer who takes aim at a Hollywood film set, by unleashing his own brand of retribution on the cast and crew.
Plot Keywords: killer, violence, animal in cast credits, peeping tom, killing a pet
Country: Canada
Release Date: 11 November 2011 (Canada)
Box Office
Budget: $500,000 (estimated)


  1. Let me start off by saying I am a horror nut, I can watch horrors anytime of the day or night. This horromedy slightly succeeds in the comedy aspect of this horror, but the blatant cgi effects makes this movie look cheap, kinda like those syfy movies. The plot is simple enough, local goat-lover kills family then goes on a mini and mildly entertaining killing spree. The comedy here is provided by a duo of local cops investigating the murders, there a chuckle here and there but not nearly enough to salvage a horror movie that looks like they spent all of 50,000 to make. The majority of the kills are cgi and does not look real AT ALL. The cinematography is OK, the acting for what its worth was OK, the movie was not.

  2. I saw Silent but Deadly for free on my video on demand satellite and I wish I could get those 90 minutes back. The movie was just terrible. The CGI is horrible and not even unintentionally funny, it's just really bad.

    It uses all the cheap comedy clichés of casting a topless bimbo and even a little person. Didn't casting little people for a cheap laugh go out of style in the eighties or something? I remember when Bizarre used to use little people for cheap gags all the time and even then it was wrong. I can just see the writers/directors/producers of Silent but Deadly saying "Hey you know what would be hilarious? If the sheriff was a midget! That's funny right? Because they're shorter than us?" Everyone in this movie should be ashamed. The thing is you know the actors weren't even paid well because this movie was obviously made for like a few thousand dollars. Pat McKenna is the only recognizable person in this other than Jason "Jay and Silent Bob" Mewes and I have no idea why he is stooping this low when he has been in real movies and TV shows.

    Jason Mewes I am not surprised to see in anything but I'm still very surprised this is the biggest pay check his agent could scrape up for him. I have never been a fan of his work or his comedy but at least he is in some big budget stuff. I have to say he is the only character in this movie I didn't hate, maybe because he doesn't really talk. He is much less annoying than he is in Kevin Smith's movies.

    The rest of the cast is terrible, especially the jerky cameraman who can't act at all, and the bimbo I already mentioned who can't even deliver her lines or die properly. The CGI in that scene alone is so horrible I am convinced they had students do it for free. Avoid this movie at all costs, it is not funny and you won't even laugh at how bad it is, it is too pathetic even for that.

  3. This movie is really terrible.

    The acting stinks.

    The scares are not original and you can tell everything that is going to happen in advance of it happening, so nothing in this movie is scary in the least.

    The C.G.I. is really awful, it is as if they hired students from a high school computer programming class.

    The writing is awful with some really horrible jokes, I can't believe they are actually in a movie.

    I can't think of anything of any value in this movie other than seeing the two hot chicks topless in the first few minutes, if that is what you are after watch for a couple minutes then turn this off. But it's not worth it.

  4. If you were ever curious to know what would happen if Silent Bob (Jason Mewes) was to become totally infatuated with barnyard nannies, so much so, that their harm would lead to your demise… then boy do I have a film for you!!!

    "Silent But Deadly" is a quasi-decent Slasher-Comedy. The start is wonderful with goat loving Thomas being hunted by his hick of a father, who is not just angry that his son was spying on his two wives but also that his two Russian brides are actually only interested in each other rather than him. William Sadler comes out with the fantastic line "Goddamn Russian lesbos , worst money I ever spent". Just after those immortal lines are uttered then Capper kills the kid goat and Thomas takes his revenge.

    "Silent But Deadly" keeps the laughs coming with a wise cracking 3 feet tall Sheriff and his able but often put down deputy. Sheriff Shelby is a riot and his one-liners are great , he is a small man with small man's syndrome and poor Deputy Jimbo is often the butt of the Sheriff's jokes and wrath.

    There are many things to like about "Silent But Deadly" including Mewes performance as Thomas, he is almost entirely mute apart from just before he kills someone he speaks the name of the implement he will use for the murder "Delicatessen Meat Slicer" for example ! This is genius. Also the performances of Prentice and Antoine as the Napoleonic Sheriff and his long suffering Deputy are brilliant. They play off each other really well and have many laugh out loud moments and great scenes together.

    The one bad thing (and for me it is horrendous) is the appalling CGI . Other than the first kill the rest are completely unbelievable; however, highly entertaining. There are so many talented FX guys out there and CGI is just used out of pure laziness . Though the total budget on this film was a mere $500k, cost difference between FX vs CGI is non existent and it just really made me dislike a film… that on the whole I was really enjoying.

    "Silent But Deadly" was first screened in Canada in 2011, and is now scheduled for release in the US in September 2013. "Silent But Deadly" is a fun Slasher film, that would be best enjoyed with friends over a few beers (okay, maybe a lot of beers). It's no "Scream" or "Scary Movie" but it is still an amusing "B" movie slasher/comedy film that could have easily been so much more. The film actually really reminded me of the "second-bill" film of a drive-in Double Feature, complete with blatant random nudity and a cast mostly composed of misfit idiots.

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