DVD Slaughter Creek

DVD Slaughter Creek
DVD Slaughter Creek

Rating: 4.1
Genres: Drama
Director: Brian Skiba, Liam Owen
Writers: Michael Z. Gordon
Stars: Marissa Joy Davis, Eryn Gitelis, Justin Henry
A film crew follows the story of a young girl from the Midwest who went to Hollywood with aspirations of becoming a successful actress. When she failed to find work, she arrives in Austin purportedly to star in what she believes is a soft-porn film. However, after discovering the contents of the screenplay, the film crew comes to realize that this is no ordinary film and in fact, it could lead to horrific consequences for this naive young girl. Written by Liam Owen
Plot Keywords: one word title
Country: USA
Box Office
Budget: $1,000,000 (estimated)
Opening Weekend: $49,392 (USA) (14 September 2012)
Gross: $116,487 (USA) (21 September 2012)


  1. I made it about half-way through this DVD and had to quit.

    The most glaring issue is the sound, or lack thereof. Whomever supervised the sound transfer should never be allowed near a movie again. Most of the time the voices, which were supposed to be normal or even loud, were as faint as whispers. I found myself repeatedly scrambling for my remote to turn the volume up or down as the scenes changed. Maybe a full home theater surround sound system would have fixed this issue, but guess what? Not everyone has one of those.

    The second issue, almost as bad as the first, is the characters. Not a one of them elicits any sympathetic reaction, thus we don't care when they are in danger. Quite the opposite of sympathetic reaction is Mya, played with as little talent as possible by Aja Pollock. Mya is an on again / off again date of Matt's, who is apparently insanely jealous when he as much as talks to another woman. After Matt signs Alyssa to appear in his documentary, Mya's entire character seems to be centered around provoking Matt to say something because of her bad attitude, and then screaming "shut up" at him. The only thing that may have kept me watching until the end would be to hopefully see this character killed as violently as possible.

  2. Slaughter Creek was filmed in the Austin area for $1,000,000. Didn't make their budget in theater gross, but I suspect they'll do well in streaming and DVD and whatever is yet to come. Better than Blair Witch which jolted the genera into mainstream consciousness. Head and shoulders above Tiny Furniture (what's the big deal about that anyway — I guess I don't get it).

    I was particularly impressed with SC's visual effects and cinematography; although I could have done without some of those gratuitous bouncing images and other goofy "low-tech" shots (I presume most of them were gratuitous). That last lingering "picture" in the police interview surely said half again more than a thousand words. Goldfish (previous review) missed the boat not seeing the ending. It's worth sitting through the whole discombobulating thing to see that one shot.

    I'm gonna take another look at Slaughter Creek knowing now that it was unscripted! The actors were apparently told what a scene was supposed to do and what they could and could not say (for legal reasons) — then they just winged it. Surely as good as Boys Life 6, which got the director the job doing The Ruins(way to go!)

    This director knows how to make a movie (he's experienced). This casting director knows how to cast, etc. etc. I figure we'll see these actors — and probably anybody who had anything to do with this production again.

    Well worth a peek.

  3. Interesting story of three young film makers who followed the trail of a young girl who took a bus to Texas to star in a movie after being promised a lot of money to do a movie called, "Snuff". The film crew warned her not to do the movie because the producer had a long record of sex crimes but the producer convinced her that the young trio were only using her for their documentary.

    I'm always a little skeptical about these kinds of films but there was so much evidence to back up their story that I have to believe that there was something to this film. So many unanswered questions like why would a girl buy a round trip bus ticket to leave the next day after the filming and not go back home. The ticket was never used or cashed in. The Police chalked it off as a "run away" when they interrogated one of the film makers who showed up the next after she disappeared with blood on his clothes? But I guess you'll have to watch the move and decide for yourself.

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