DVD Snow Beast

DVD Snow Beast
DVD Snow Beast

Run time: 88 min
Rating: 3.3
Genres: Drama | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Director: Brian Brough
Writers: Brittany Wiscombe
Stars: John Schneider, Jason London, Danielle Chuchran
People disappear every year out in the Canadian wilderness – however, this year is different. This year something is increasing the body count. Jim (‘John Schneider’) and his research team trek into the Canadian wilderness to study the Canadian Lynx every year. However, this year is different. The Lynx are missing. In fact most of the wildlife is missing; Jim and his team, including his rebellious daughter Emmy (Danielle Chuchran), seek to find out why. As they conduct their study, something is stalking them. Something not human. Something that no prey can escape…including human prey! While the research team is trying to find out why the lynx have disappeared, the local ranger (‘Jason London’) is searching for the answer to what is making tourist disappear; even if it the last thing he ever does… and it is. Written by Kyle Vance
Country: USA


  1. Since the original film was released back in the 1970s major advances in special effects have bought some truly brilliant films.

    Unfortunately the man in a furry coat does not advertise these said advances.

    The slow motion sequences do add to the feel of the film – slow.

    I am torn as to why this film fails to deliver – maybe it is the wooden acting, a script so predictably awful that is borders on the comic or the attempt to bring horror with monster slippers? Whatever the reason I just regret not using the hour and a half to do something more enjoyable – such as filling in my tax return.

  2. I had never heard of this movie and was a bit hesitant about watching it, thinking that this would be just another movie loaded down with lame digital special effects. I decided I'd record it on my DVR while I was at work and watch it the next day. I've actually never been this glad to be wrong about a movie. I was happy to see a monster movie that used good, old fashioned real effects instead of relying only on digital effects. Of course, the effects don't really make up for the predictability of the film. It was just a little too easy to figure out which characters would survive until the end and which ones would end up dead. Overall, not a totally awful movie, but not one I'd pay money to see.

  3. In all honesty I wasn't expecting much, and once again I didn't get much. Certainly I have seen much worse than Snow Beast, but overall I found it lame, with the only really good attributes being the scenery and John Schneider's performance. The effects are really not very good, the creature of the title is cheap looking, restricted in movement and not very menacing or terrifying at all. The script is cheesy and aimless, the story reeks of predictability, the pace is overly-languid and dull, not helped by the too-talky nature of some scenes, and the other actors look wooden, unsurprisingly unable to do anything to their uninteresting and stereotypical characters.

    All in all, not the worst film I've seen, but lame with not much point to it. 3/10 Bethany Cox

  4. People disappear every year out in the Canadian wilderness — however, this year is different. This year something is increasing the body count…

    Jason London is the reason I wanted to watch this film. And sadly, he was probably the best actor in the movie. (And without the weird personal baggage of his brother Jeremy… though I prefer Jeremy.) Too bad his role is so small.

    The father is bit melodramatic and has an acting style that would probably work better on the ABC Family channel than in a cheesy horror film.

    I have to give credit to the special effects, because there really are not any. And that makes me happy, because I would rather see a cheesy suit than a cheesy computer effect. And, even better, the suit is on screen a minimum amount of time.

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