DVD Sold Out

DVD Sold Out
DVD Sold Out

Run time: 107 min
Rating: 3.7
Genres: Drama
Director: Eleni Kouzouka, Michalis Yiarimoustas
Writers: Heleni Kouzouka, Giarimoustas Michael
Stars: Konstantinos Kyriakou, Marlen Saites, Avgoustinos Remoundos
George and Eve in an effort to obtain a shipping company that will give them more money start a dangerous game that alienates them and fills their lives with insecurity and fear. While presenting an outward image of a harmonious and happy couple actually there are conflicts between them that over the course of the film reaches extremes. This is a movie about everything that is happening around us today. ‘Sold Out’ is the selling out of conscience, values and ideas in modern society. The lack of contact and communication, lost values and people that stop existing, disappear, when no one is interested in them. The protagonists suffer without reacting. Written by Anonymous
Country: Greece

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