DVD Spacebong Beach Babes

DVD Spacebong Beach Babes
DVD Spacebong Beach Babes
Run time: 86 min
Rating: 5.9
Genres: Sci-Fi
Director: Snoopy Green
Writers: Snoopy Green
Stars: Christian Buckley, Eastwood, Miranda Fischer
Alison, Brenda and Courtney just want to get high and go to the beach, but today Alison has to work and Brenda and Courtney are auditioning for a rap video. Meanwhile, googly-eyed marijuana bud aliens in bong-shaped spaceships arrive on earth and take the women’s forms, fighting for control of a seed that will save the universe. Upon discovering the alien plot, the women are faced with a choice; fight the invaders or smoke more hash… Written by Snoopy Green
Plot Keywords: alien, marijuana, spaceship, 420, smoking
Release Date: 6 July 2010 (USA)
Box Office
Budget: $13,000 (estimated)


  1. Over-long and under-funny. Of course when you go to watch a movie called "Spacebong Beach Babes" you go in with low expectations to begin with, and this still manages to disappoint.

    It looks like this was made by a couple of friends that had a video camera and a couple of attractive female friends, but had a lack of money, creativity and story-telling ability.

    There are plenty of gratuitous close-ups of breasts and butts, but all of them are clothed, so what's the point? BTW, I'm sure that the only positive reviews on this were done by people involved with the film, because this "movie" leaves you disappointed in every possible way.

  2. When it comes to stoner comedy, Snoopy Green is an absolute Fellini. The surreal, comedic, shocking film is one to remember. I can totally see it up there with Rocky Horror – cult cult classic in the absolutely best way.

    We often see the independent movie through the lens of the "commercial" version of that genre. "Spacebong" is one of those great finds.

    You know you're watching something brilliant when you have a falsetto talking "bud" from space laughing maniacally, teleporting, and influencing the brain function of the toking hotties…its a truly amazing mix.

    Excellent work, Mr. Green!

  3. Check the dood in the dope dispensary.

    NASA needs to check out the space traveling trolls.

    Most excellent beach scenes.

    Bill and Ted would have been better off hooking up with the ladies here.

    Napoleon, Genghis Khan and the rest of history's fruit loops running around in a lame mall, or hittin' it with fine ladies? Slam Dunk Doods! And watching for free? Who gives away free stuff anymore.

    Snoop kicks major Michale-Moore sized ass! Do yourself right and download this whole thing along with the band videos linked here.

    Check out the Pot Circle flick too. Crazy Kristian kookoos vs. dope smoking prom scammers.

    Just like real high school. Sorta

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