DVD Stay

DVD Stay
DVD Stay
Run time: 99 min
Rating: 5.5
Genres: Drama
Director: Wiebke von Carolsfeld
Writers: Aislinn Hunter, Wiebke von Carolsfeld
Stars: Taylor Schilling, Aidan Quinn, Michael Ironside
A woman finds out she’s pregnant and returns home when the expected father wants nothing to do with her.
Plot Keywords: bath, female nudity
Country: Canada, Ireland
Release Date: 9 September 2013 (Canada)


  1. It was great the see the extent of Taylor Schillings acting abilities; frequently associated with Orange is the New black, the up-and-coming actress proved she has much more to offer.

    The story had a great sense of originality, the choice of actors aided with the consistency of the film whilst having great chemistry amongst each other.

    I was not anticipating very much as Schilling fans expressed their loyalty exclusively towards the character of Piper Chapman (OITNB) and not towards Schillings vast acting capabilities; however after watching this film, all elements coincided with the natural beauty of the land to create a well written and elegantly directed film.

  2. "He loves you and you love him, what is the problem?" Abby (Schilling) and Dermot (Quinn) are happy together and in love. Things are going great for them until Abby tells Dermot she is pregnant. He gets angry and forces her to make a choice, she chooses to leave Ireland and go back home to the states. While they are apart they begin to evaluate the way they feel and live. This is a movie that is hard to review and talk about, mainly because this is not really sure what it wanted to be. The plot of the movie says it is about a woman who tells her boyfriend she is pregnant and he hates the idea so much he would rather live alone. The movie is actually about how Dermot responds to this situation, but the baby aspect is never discussed. When you watch you will see what I mean. Not to give anything away but I expected this to be a cookie cutter movie where the man realizes what a mistake he made and changes everything…I was not 100% accurate on this. The movie was OK but really slow moving and not much happens. Overall, nothing much of note here, the big draw in this movie is to watch Taylor Schilling in her first movie since she broke out in Orange Is The New Black. I give this a C+.

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