DVD Struck from Above

DVD Struck from Above
DVD Struck from Above
Run time: 77 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Comedy | Drama
Director: Todd Frugia, James Strzelinski
Writers: Todd Frugia, James Strzelinski
Stars: Petra Bachmaier, Erin Briddick, Todd Frugia
STRUCK FROM ABOVE is a brooding existential comedy about Dawn Funnel, a woman who is suddenly inspired to play the guitar after being hit by a small meteorite. Fueled by her ‘different feelings’ after the accident, and a ‘classic rock song’ constantly spinning through her head, she convinces her husband Curtis that the freak incident has gifted her virtuoso abilities. Feeling completely disconnected from her life, Curtis, and her job, she devotes herself to the guitar. But when Dawn tries to play, she’s terrible. What’s worse, no doctor can diagnose anything discernibly different with her mental or physical condition. Despite her insistence that everything in her life has changed, it appears completely the same as before the meteorite struck. The more Curtis attempts to maintain normalcy, the more distant Dawn becomes – until she is completely lost in the depths of her fantasy. Written by Anonymous
Plot Keywords: guitar, meteorite, hit by a meteorite, playing guitar
Country: USA

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