DVD Suddenly It’s Magic

DVD Suddenly It’s Magic
DVD Suddenly It’s Magic

Rating: 5.5
Genres: Comedy | Romance
Director: Rory B. Quintos
Writers: Enrico Santos, Vanessa R. Valdez
Stars: Mario Maurer, Erich Gonzales, Joross Gamboa
Joey Hermosa (Erich Gonzales) and Marcus Hanson (Mario Maurer) only have two things in common. One: they live to make fairy-tale romances happen – Joey through her exquisite wedding cakes; Marcus through the numerous romantic comedies he stars in. Two: their own love stories do not have the fairy-tale happy endings – she was just recently dumped at the altar; he just discovered that his on-screen partner and real-life girlfriend had fallen in love with another man. These two broken-hearted people will find love again when they least expect it. Sounds like the perfect recipe for a sweet ever after! Desperate to escape the media frenzy and the intrusive questions of the public about his love life and career, Marcus impulsively decides to go on vacation in the Philippines where he meets Joey who is determined to move forward with her life. Marcus finds himself drawn to Joey’s passion for baking, and rediscovers his love for acting. In love once again, he invites her to join him in … Written by Anonymus
Plot Keywords: media, cake, escape, fans, bangkok
Country: Philippines
Release Date: 31 October 2012 (Philippines)

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  1. I REALLY don't know why this movie is rated so low in this site!!! It's an absolutely wonderful movie, and unfortunately it's greatly underrated both in box office and in people's expectations prior to even watching the movie. This is one of those "don't judge a book by its cover" circumstances. Yeah, the promotional poster may look a bit cheesy with cupcakes floating and surrounding the two main actors, and the promotional video for the movie makes it seem like it has a really generic plot of "boy meets girl" with a few cliché elements like "famous guy meets hometown girl" and "follow your heart", but it REALLY isn't like that. Yeah, the basis may seem generic, but the overall plot of the story is definitely high up there as in, if ever they made a sequel, I'd be afraid that sequel wouldn't be good enough to match the original. It's THAT good. The chemistry between Erich and Mario in this movie is AMAZING. The touch of innocence romance (you'll seriously wish you could smack Erich and Mario's faces together so that they can have really good kiss), drama, and comedy blend into this movie seamlessly. The setting of Thailand and Philippines are shot breathtakingly, the music is beautiful, and the cross-cultural aspect is incorporated perfectly!! I really wish I could spoil the whole thing to you just so that you'll know that it's a phenomenal light romantic film, but I won't, because now, I want YOU to watch this movie for yourself. See it while it's still in theaters!! Seeing it on the big screen is an even more memorable experience~~ it's must-watch, and truly a must-watch-AGAIN.

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