DVD Tarok

DVD Tarok
DVD Tarok
Run time: 135 min
Rating: 5.3
Genres: Drama
Director: Anne-Grethe Bjarup Riis
Writers: Thorvald Lervad, Jesper N. Christiansen
Stars: Bjarne Henriksen, Kirsten Lehfeldt, Henrik Vestergaard
The story of Denmark’s most famous racehorse and the family behind it.
Plot Keywords: racehorse, family saga, horse racing, one word title
Country: Denmark
Release Date: 31 October 2013 (Denmark)
Box Office
Budget: DKK 26,000,000 (estimated)

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  1. I'd never heard of Tarok, or the movie about him, but tripped over it in the original Danish version (with English subtitles.) It's a good movie and gives an interesting insight into the trot (harness) racing scene, which I was not familiar with. I thought the acting was a little wooden at times, but that could be because I am neither Danish, nor could understand the language aside from a few words here and there which I picked up during the film. It's the story of Tarok, a Danish Trotter who raced back in the mid seventies. You don't get in depth horsey stuff, it's mostly about the family who owned him, but one thing I took away was that Tarok was quite a character — as most high end racers were/are. There are some very nail biting races in there, and I really enjoyed watching the absolute power of those horses. Watching them race, in slow motion at times…it is something to behold. I think Harness Racing gained a new fan. If you like horses, you'll enjoy this movie. If you enjoy drama inside close knit families, you'll also enjoy this movie.

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