DVD Taven

DVD Taven
DVD Taven

Run time: 161 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Drama | Fantasy | Mystery
Director: Teli Share
Writers: Teli Hsueh, Teli Hsueh
Stars: Iryna Dyakun, Mayra Grimaldo, Augustine H.
PART I – Passion Taven is about a story exploring the existence of the “Fundamental Darkness” deep inside all human beings, regardless of ethnicity, gender, and social class differences. The background is set at a virtual society called Phantom City, where all kinds of people exist in it. Viro is detected again by Rose and Alice, members of the Coalition of Justice, or COJ. The COJ is a network of good-faith individuals termed the “messengers”, who have taken the oath to protect the society by fighting against the Fundamental Darkness’s attempt to create “integrity corrosion” in the form of Viro. Rose appointed Romona as the Taven that will battle Viro’s ill intend, and Viro’s advancement on his plan was held back by Romona’s effort. PART II – Awakening A year later, Viro returns back to the city, but this time with a stronger power source that he has attained. This time, with the help of a former Taven, Wing, Rose seeks out a new Taven, Ian. Ian will help awaken Romona from the … Written by Teli Hsueh
Plot Keywords: love, justice, evil, buddhism, spiritual
Country: China, USA, Thailand
Release Date: 18 May 2014 (USA)
Box Office
Budget: $25,000 (estimated)

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