DVD Tear of the Clouds

DVD Tear of the Clouds
DVD Tear of the Clouds
Run time: 83 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Thriller
Director: Peter Kramer
Writers: Peter Kramer
What happened at Tear of the Clouds Lake? In February 2013 Riley Armstrong, Kelly Kramer, Peyton Sampson, and Rick Stevens went to a cabin near Tear Of The Clouds Lake in the Adirondacks. They were not seen or heard from again. The only clues to what may have happened to them were found on camcorder and cell phone footage recovered at the cabin. The enclosed interviews along with the camcorder and cell phone footage has been released by Peyton’s father in hopes that someone out there knows what happened to his daughter and can help bring closure to her disappearance. For information on the ongoing investigation, please visit the Facebook page Tear of the Clouds Disappearances. Written by Anonymous
Country: USA

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