DVD Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya

DVD Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya
DVD Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya

Run time: 130 min
Rating: 5.7
Genres: Comedy | Romance
Director: Mandeep Kumar
Writers: Abhijeet Sandhu
Stars: Ritesh Deshmukh, Genelia D’Souza, Om Puri
In a quaint village of Haryana lives Miny, a free-spirited tomboy who instantly wins your heart with her bubbly personality. Her father, Bhatti, runs an auto-rickshaw business and is adamant to marry her off against her liking to Sunny. The male protagonist Viren, is a humble and ambitious rickshaw driver working for Miny’s father. Bhatti, insecure about Viren’s success, sells of all the rickshaws where Viren had carefully stashed his life savings. In an attempt to recover his money from Bhatti, Viren storms into Miny’s engagement with fury. This gives Miny the perfect opportunity to escape her marriage and so she stages a kidnap. However, the kidnap goes all wrong and she and Viren land up in Viren’s family mansion. Eventually, Miny’s father arrives with the ransom that she had asked for and takes her back home. Back in Punjab, while she is being married off to Sunny, it dawns on Viren to go rescue her as he realizes his love for her. But will he manage to do so is what remains to be… Written by Official site
Country: India
Release Date: 24 February 2012 (UK)
Box Office
Opening Weekend: $94,583 (USA) (24 February 2012)
Gross: $177,472 (USA) (16 March 2012)


  1. This movie is a very very good movie! It is one of those movies where you don't expect much at all but come out loving it. The comedy was superb and the storyline keeps you stuck to the movie. Genelia's acting is outstanding and i think she has proved that she is on par if not better with actresses the likes of Kareena Kapoor. Retish is also very good. Everyone was used perfectly and i say this is one of my favorite movies!! ALSO i must say that there chemistry on screen is amazing. Its good to see a real life couple that can actually translate it on to the big screen. GO WATCH IT IT IS WORTH THE MONEY THIS IS A MUST WATCH! **songs are good too!

  2. Great first solo movie by Ritesh & Genelia Deshmukh Good acting by Ritesh & Genelia Looking a real life couple First half of movie is good but second half is too good Specially after om puri entry movie looks good. All actor acted very well. Picturisation is good specially hariyna shown looking something different as i think i saw lots of movies picturised in out of India. The best alternative that the film chooses, however, is having Genelia D'Souza play the free-spirited girl over the over-exploited Kareenas and Katrinas that the genre has often seen. Genelia not only brings freshness to the genre but her camaraderie with Riteish Deshmukh is at full throttle as compared to all their earlier outings.

    The film primarily works thanks to the convincing chemistry and performances by the lead pair. Riteish Deshmukh is resourcefully restrained, perfectly poised and, needless to say, his comic timing is impeccable. At the same time he allows Genelia to take lead as the film largely revolves around her character. And Genelia does complete justice to her meaty role with a refreshing and dynamic act. Her cute looks and electrifying smile add to her appeal. From the character cast, Om Puri gets the best lines and induces frequent laughter. Veena Malik's item number was avoidable.

    Specially music is different & good.

    I think is must watch one time movie.

  3. This movie has a bit of everything; -> Romance, Action, Comedy

    My personal view is that this film stands out from all the other Bollywood movies lately. It has new ideas, great acting and wonderful shot locations.

    The movie has a normal but well acted story line. A lot of the credit goes to the leading actress that was able to take grasp of the film with her beauty and outstanding acting.

    Genelia D'Souza, Ritesh Deshmukh and Om Puri were outstanding,they knew exactly how to execute their roles. Providing us with jokes, mixed emotions and a good laugh. A film not to miss.

    There were many funny dramatic scenes that will keep you wanting to watch more. This film will not put you down.

  4. This movie is only about Genelia and she does not fail to deliver. Great acting ..I have not seen any other actress having such range of facial expressions… The comedy is very good and I have not seen such a comedy in Hindi movies recently..

    I wish to watch it again as soon as the DVD is released.

    This movie is set in Punjab and the songs are shot in beautiful locations in North India.

    Even though the theaters were empty on the first weekend, I believe this movie will pick up by word of mouth publicity. Go and watch this movie and come out of the theater with a big smile on your face.

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