DVD The Balkan Spring

DVD The Balkan Spring
Rating: 6.4
Genres: Drama
Director: Mirza Dervisevic, Damir Glibanovic
Writers: Bosko Jovicic
Stars: Mirza Dervisevic, Denis Dafinic, Almir Tursic
A story of the Balkan hip hop talent Denis (Denis Dafinic) that struggles to survive amidst hard working physical labor and the desire to make it with good music. Somewhere along, he encounters the ordinary problems of the Balkans – crime, politics and corruption. The main character Denis is in the center of this as he tries to face the harsh reality of life and the challenge of making your dreams come true. Written by Balkan Union production
Plot Keywords: balkans, balkan
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Release Date: 23 October 2013 (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

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