DVD The Breaking Point

DVD The Breaking Point
DVD The Breaking Point
Run time: 90 min
Rating: 8.7
Genres: Action | Drama
Director: James Hunter
Writers: James Hunter, Kenny Rogers
Stars: Erik Grey, Diana Lovell, Reggie Peters
Shawn Dickerson, an early thirties, rough around the edges street guy is accused of killing BRENDA SAWYER, a wealthy and prominent older lady, known for her compassion, and benevolence towards kids from the inner-cities. Shawn is hunted by Brenda’s grieving husband HARRY, the police, and a very ambitious and overzealous Assistant D.A. name BALLARD, who is willing to do whatever she has to do to make District Attorney, even if it means bending the rules. Harry, already distraught due to the death of his daughter Susan, at the hands of a hit and run driver, decides to take the law into his own hands, to mete out Justice to Shawn. While Shawn is on the run, Assistant D.A Ballard devises a plan to procure the case once Shawn is apprehended, believing that a guilty verdict against Shawn will increase her chances of becoming the D.A. Once Shawn is apprehended, the fireworks begin. Written by James Hunter
Country: USA
Release Date: 13 April 2014 (USA)
Box Office
Budget: $570,000 (estimated)


  1. "The Breaking Point" is the kind of film you watch on a Friday night when you want some nice entertainment. You get some nice drama, some nice laughs, and entertainment. This film, directed by James Hunter, is a reminder that independent artists can still create quality. Now, don't get me wrong, there are still mistakes and everything isn't perfect. There were editing mistakes that made the movie look more amateur than it really was. The movie also gets inconsistent with it's acting and the writing is uneven, but taking into account what the film had to work with, you appreciate it's look of professionalism. What stood out for me was the clear cinematography, outlined with solid lighting. As for the components you care for the most, the story was finely crafted and pretty darn clever, and the acting (for the most part) was believable. Like I said, this film doesn't have anything exceptional about, but it's a nice piece of entertainment. You can see and appreciate the effort put it, and despite it's (at times) evident flaws, you're still drawn in.

  2. I went to the premiere that was held recently at an AMC theater in Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida not knowing what to expect, and was pleasantly surprised. Breaking Point is a very well put together independent film. I give the cinematography and the lighting an A. I give the director an A for how effectively he was able to tell the story. I also really liked how cleverly the voice-over was implemented throughout the movie. It had many entertaining moments that elicited quite a few loud laughs from the entire audience. The movie looks like a big budget film, which I did not think was possible with such a low budget independent film. The vast majority of the acting was really good. The movie as a whole is very intriguing and keeps you drawn in throughout. Last but not least, I absolutely LOVED the twist at the end, and the score. I will be following these filmmakers very closely because judging from Breaking Point,I can only surmise that their best is yet to come.

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