DVD The Craic Addicts

DVD The Craic Addicts
DVD The Craic Addicts
Run time: 70 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Comedy
Director: Scott Calonico
Writers: Stacey Mead
Stars: Scott Calonico, Stacey Mead
Flying from Texas to Dublin for a presentation, high tech employees Tom and Patty are waylaid by Icelandic ash cloud. A series of mix ups winds up with them renting a car in Belfast and making the rest of the journey by road. What should have been a two hour trip soon turns into a test of endurance for the two of them. The Craic Addicts (‘Craic’ comes from the Irish word for ‘good times’) is an unscripted, improvised comedy shot on location in Texas, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Written by Anonymous
Country: UK, USA, Ireland

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