DVD The Deadly Ponies Gang

DVD The Deadly Ponies Gang
DVD The Deadly Ponies Gang

Run time: 64 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Comedy | Drama | Music
Director: Zoe McIntosh
Writers: Zoe McIntosh, Zoe McIntosh
Stars: Clint Rarm, Dwayne Sisson, Kody Rowe
A docu-comedy about friendship and the lengths people go to for their mates. Meet Clint and Dwayne- The extremely quotable members of the two-member Deadly ponies Gang who trawl the edges of rural New Zealand on their pimped-out rides (i.e.. ponies decorated with glitter, beads and sunglasses). Not short of a suave move with the ladies, Clint worries that Dwayne’s not pulling the way he once did- most likely because he has no teeth! So Dwayne organises a gig to fundraise for a new set, the ‘Help my mate Dwayne get some teeth Fundraising gig’. Along with some drug deals to supplement their income, the pair go in search of a life of hustling, riding and partying. Written by Anonymous
Plot Keywords: mockumentary
Country: New Zealand
Release Date: July 2013 (New Zealand)

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