DVD The Flight of the Swan

DVD The Flight of the Swan
DVD The Flight of the Swan

Rating: 5.1
Genres: Drama
Director: Nikos Tzimas
Writers: Andreas Franghias, Xiros Thanos
Stars: James D’Arcy, Alicia Witt, Colm Meaney
Alexis is an explosive personality, passionate about life, humanity, nature, love and beauty. That is until the breakneck rhythm, intensity, stress and convolutions of career and economic success shatter him, alienating him from everyone and everything he loves: even his children and his soul mate Maria. Alexis is jolted back to reality when the unbridled greed of the multinational conglomerate his company is involved in causes an unprecedented ecological catastrophe costing many human lives. The multinational’s Golden Boy suddenly realizes that he is nothing more than a cog in the machine he had fought so passionately against in his youth. He is determined to rediscover himself, to reclaim his soul, to rebuild the dream with Maria – but he is completely trapped. He is caught in a web of intrigue that tightens like a vice driving him to an inevitably lethal conflict with the conglomerate. The story quickly evolves into a nerve rending adventure with driving action, relentless … Written by Nikos Tzimas
Plot Keywords: love, nature, surrealism, melodrama, family relationships
Country: Greece, USA
Box Office
Budget: $4,000,000 (estimated)


  1. This is the most awful film i have ever seen on the big-screen! I walked out of the cinema relieved that it was over. The acting was totally amateur like, the music was completely unfitting, and I literally laughed to death with the Visual effects! And The dubbing? was the whole film dubbed!? The film was boring and meaningless to me. At one point the movie got interesting but it immediately discarded every chance of it turning in to a good film. The directing? The script? awful! And the chronological way it shows us the story was complete and utter rubbish. At one point the woman says "I'm pregnant" and in the next scene she gives birth and immediately after that the kid is 18 years old! A disgraceful attempt of a film… I give it a 2/10 just because it made me laugh!

  2. One of the best movies I have seen last year. It describes the politics in Greece. Not easily seen by everybody but someone that is interested in political aspects should see this movie. My opinion is that all Greeks should see it, at least once!

    Unfortunately, there was not enough publicity for the movie so many people do not even know the existence of this movie, even though the casting is really good and many well known actors are part of it.

    Except of the political aspect of the movie, it also has really nice pictures from Greece (Epirus and Santorini). Music is not special, but is suitable for the movie.

  3. " The story quickly evolves into a nerve rending adventure with driving action, relentless conflicts, unexpected reversals, insurmountable dilemmas and volatile internal pressures all leading to the triumph of love, friendship, beauty and life." …What?! Now lets get back to reality…

    Childish, naive, amateur. One of my favorite actors (Colm Meaney) got involved in maybe one of the worst movies i've ever seen! Stop ruining money for silly and grotesque results as this one! Should i say about the visual FX? Should i say about the bad script, the bad acting, the awful dubbing, the bad make-up fx?

    Should come out only on DVD.

    I know I sound mean but i get angry when I spend money on fake things. Don't spend your money here! Seriously DON'T.

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