DVD The Good Road

DVD The Good Road
DVD The Good Road
Run time: 92 min
Rating: 6.2
Genres: Drama
Director: Gyan Correa
Writers: Gyan Correa
Stars: Ajay Gehi, Rinkle Karelia, Keval Katrodia
Pappu is a truck driver. Supporting his parents and extended family is beyond his means. Now, he has been presented a plan. An accident will be staged. Pappu will “die”. Insurance payments are substantial.David and Kiran, a middle class urban couple, with their son Aditya, are on a holiday. Aditya will be accidentally separated from them during a brief halt at a Dhaba. And his loss will only be discovered several hours, and several hundred kilometers later. They must double back to find him. Poonam is an 11-year old-year-old child from the city. She is looking for her grandmother, living in a town at the end of this highway. Tired and hungry, Poonam wisely stops at the Topaz, what seems to be a small garment dying unit.Aditya will be found by a local dhaba owner, and put onto Pappu’s truck. Has Aditya found a new and unlikely home on this truck? Later, when it is too late, Poonam will discover that the Topaz is not quite the place for her. She will be confronted, forcefully, with the … Written by Rajesh Das
Country: India
Release Date: 19 July 2013 (India)
Box Office
Budget: INR 25,000,000 (estimated)


  1. Any kind of publicity has always been good for a movie. The Oscar hype surrounding " The Good Road" do makes it a commendable watch but after watching the film , you will feel betrayed.

    The Good Road is a chain of 3 stories – A young couple loses their son , the last journey of a truck driver and a teenage girl try to reach to her grandmother's place – all woven together when their path cross each other on the deserted road of Gujarat.

    I was pretty excited to watch The Good Road as it was the Oscar contender for Best Foreign film from India competing against The Lunchbox but was saddened and disheartened with unconvincing plot and poor screenplay. How can a couple drive for than a mile without even knowing the presence of their son in car ? What was the purpose of Sonali Kulkarni's character going to Rann of Kutch ? Direction is over the top and none of the performances will leave an impression once you leave the theater.

    The Good Road is over-hyped for Oscar nominations. Unconvincing plot does not qualify the film for Indian Awards. Poor 1/5

  2. A truck driver, unable to support his extended family properly, gets some outside help to stage an accident for insurance claims; a couple, on their journey through rural Gujarat, finds their son missing due to their carelessness; a small girl, who on her way to her grandmother's house, accidentally and unwittingly halts at a place which is darker than it appears to be. Three interesting stories, beautifully entwined with each other, keeps you hooked till the very end. Though the screenplay is thought-provoking, the movie ultimately fails to have any sort of impact on you. The overall acting is just okay; the performance by the two small kids and the truck people really stand out, and is quite commendable.

    The cinematography is spectacular, and elegantly captures the rural Gujarat; it adds to the beauty of the stories. The music also helps create a good feel to the film.

    With a better screenplay, a superior direction, and more skillful acting, the movie could have had better impact on the viewers. Though the movie doesn't bore you in its 90 minute long well-paced screenplay, ultimately it becomes one of those movies which can be seen and forgotten.

  3. I do not understand why this movie was even in the selection for the Indian offer to the Oscars. I watched it, because of the Oscar hype. The concept, though unoriginal, was interesting and the script was decent. The treatment and the direction were abysmal. The performances were not convincing, except maybe by the child actors. There are many movies made with low budgets but are brilliant in every aspect. Salaam Bombay is a fine example. 'The Good Road' lacked decent direction and showed mediocre acting. It could have been a brilliant film but failed in very important aspects. On another note, I am still confused why this was selected over 'The Lunchbox' for the Oscar contention.

  4. Not seen many movies you have seen which are very Indian at it's core and will not change much if you take out all Hollywood know-how! I mean Authentic Indian movie, movie that can portray Indian image using Indian real life scenarios instead of all theatrical sets?

    I remember people talking that Gujarati movies industry being dead because "Gujarati" as a language not being able to manifest itself in literary mainline cinema.

    If I remember other movies, so far I have not seen any Bollywood movies trying to capture Gujarati essence and being successful. Maniratnam's "Guru" made me feel like Dhirubhai Ambani was born in some south Indian Village and nowhere close to Gujarati. Sanjay Leela's Ramleela is theatrical overdoing of Gujarati cultural heritage. Gyan Correa has not only captured Gujarati realism but also made it seem possible to make Gujarati mainline cinema in seamless ways. The music, cinematography, and acting of not so known amateurs makes wonderful impact that did not exist for long time.

    Nomination in Oscar seem to be working against movie instead of in favor, but If you look at history Gujarati film Industry, "The good Road" is Breakthrough!

    Being Gujarati, I have never been able to relate to Gujarati movie at this level before.

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